5 Best GamerTag Generators [Best, Unique and Cool Gamertags]

All of us want a fresh, cool and impressive handle when it comes to online identity. If you too find it difficult to land on a perfect screen name, then let me tell you it is a bit challenging. But at the same time, GamerTag Generators available in the market come in handy. GamerTags is a name with which you associate, is unique and says a thing about you on Web. GamerTag Generators sparks some new ideas for you that you can use while playing multiplayer games. Gamers usually get confused while assigning a name to their game character, and that is when GamerTag Generators come into play.

And so today we are sharing a few GamerTag Generators that will be useful to you in suggesting you with and generating some awesome GamerTags for you.

What are GamerTag Generators?

Whether it is a GamerTag Generator for Xbox or PlayStation or any social media platform like twitter YouTube, it provides you with fitting gamer tags. There are various GamerTag generating websites on which you can give in your details and create a screen name for yourself. All you need to do is press the Refresh button, and bang you get a list of possible Gamer tags.

Every gamer is identified by its Gamer Tag in its gaming community. With the right tags, one can connect with you easily and view your statistics. So if you are new to Xbox and stuff, then you will need a Screen name like a gamer Id or username for your Xbox Live Account. So here are a few GamerTag Generators that you can use for getting a creative username for yourself.

Best GamerTag Generator Tools

Here’s the complete list of Best Gamertag checkers and generators that you should visit today.

These gamertag generators will help you generate funny, cool, attractive, creative and really unique gamertags.

Name Generator – Xbox GamerTag Generator

The GamerTag is basically your username and Name Generator for Xbox GamerTag helps you generate a suitable screen name for you. So that the other players can identify you in the game and can even message you through this. The other gamers can also check the games you play and track your statistics.

There are certain limitations put by Xbox on gamer tags like one cannot use more than 15 characters. But if you get 800 Microsoft points, you get to make subsequent changes.

With the help of this generator, you can find awesome gamer tags. There is also an option of adding a relative prefix or a suffix of your choice. Even you can add random numbers, words or letters that suits you.

Badass GamerTag Generator

Another straightforward platform for creating gamer tags is Badass GamerTag. The most appalling feature of this generator is that it provides you with a “badass” gamer tag in just one click. But in case you are not satisfied with one name then you can repeatedly click the button to generate cool and unique usernames one after the other.

Even an aesthetic appeal is added to the name by the generator using cool styling over them. Originally Badass Generator is hosted on Github, it is a time-saving generator for your tags.


Gen8rs – PlayStation Username Generator

Gen8rs GamerTag is another straightforward gamer tag generator designed to help create unique usernames especially for PSN or your PlayStation. The generator creates customized cool usernames according to the genre of the game with which you can easily impress other players.

Yes, this generator allows you to select the genre of your game first. And so you can choose between casual, first-person shooters, action games, and Sci-Fi. Then within just a click, you will get an awesome username and then keep clicking till you are satisfied with your screen name.

Spinxo GamerTag Generator

The next website that will help you find unique GamerTags is Spinxo GamerTag Generator. Before creating the perfect username for you SpinXO GamerTag takes into consideration many other aspects of you and your game.

It will ask you to fill in your Name or Nickname; Your Hobbies and what all you like; along with some important words and numbers.

After the generator collects all the relevant data from you it will present you with thirty different usernames from which you can select one. Also with one click, you get to change and reset all the entered data and then spin it one more time. It is definitely one of the best and excellent GamerTag Generator Tool and the credit goes to the personalizing options that it offers.


Name Generator 2- Generator for Social Media Platforms

The last generator that you can use to create the best name for anything you need a name for is Name Generator 2. From giving unique name ideas and creating a name, this Generator helps you in this tiring work of creating screen names. Automatically the website provides you with a number of name ideas giving your memory a jog. Just be clear about your feelings to get a real name.

You can use it easily to create names for your game, book, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels or for other online accounts.

So, guys, these were some tools that will help you generate some cool gamer tags. There are other tools as well, but these are the best ones.

List of GamerTags for Xbox Gaming

Now that you have known about some of the best Gamer Tag Generators, here are a few suggestions for the username that you can use.

List of some Creative GamerTags

  1. Mercedes Man
  2. DotheDew
  3. Winner Turtle
  4. Leopard
  5. Coca-Cola
  6. Lazy Killer
  7. Mywinmychoice
  8. Speedy Killer
  9. Roaring Lion
  10. Electric Current
  11. Triple H
  12. 007
  13. Dark Knight
  14. Candy Crusher
  15. Cyanide

List of Cool GamerTags

  1. Penman
  2. Sexy
  3. Dragon fly
  4. The Topper
  5. IhateU
  6. LuvisLife
  7. Sexy Racer
  8. Alwayshungry2win
  9. Bonzai
  10. Mortality Returns
  11. JohnyBravo
  12. Tranquilizer
  13. Chocolaty Winner
  14. Chuckles
  15. Speedy Minion
  16. Drunk Dracula
  17. Cool Iris
  18. The Viper
  19. Wicked Impulse
  20. Salty Cookie


List of some Unique GamerTags

  1. Gold Digger
  2. Heart Stealer
  3. Little Pickle
  4. Crunchy Gamer
  5. Omega3
  6. Brian Lara
  7. FriendofJesus
  8. Disco man
  9. Blood Rayne
  10. Talklesswinmore
  11. Cool Dexter
  12. Bacterial virus
  13. Ready2kickU
  14. Sexy Razor
  15. Cool Bastard

We hope that with the help of the above mentioned GamerTag Generators you can get the pretty dope screen names that you were looking for. You can take help from the suggestions as well. If you have any suggestion or personal favorite Generator then do let us know. Also do not forget to share your favorite GamerTag with us in the comment section.

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