10 Core Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate programs, payment arises when customers click-through links to make purchases. While this may not seem as attractive a proposition as being ‘paid per click’, provided attractive products are under promotion, the scope for the commission is considerably greater than simply relying on casual visitors hitting web pages. Keep scrolling to know the benefits of affiliate marketing for both merchant and the affiliate.

Merits for both: The Affiliate and The merchant

Often referred to as a win-win scenario, affiliate marketing is a business venture beneficial to the affiliate and the merchant. For the former, the enterprise can be set up for minimal outlays. The main start-up costs will be restricted to web hosting and domain registration, and once sales start being made it should be possible to recoup this amount relatively quickly.

For the latter, there is no need to devote a substantial amount of budget towards advertising costs as the affiliate marketers are now providing that role. Additionally, because the affiliate is channeling sales via their websites and blogs, or through any other aspects of their social media platform, the merchant is receiving new customers without having to lift a finger to instigate this process.

Concentration on Target Markets:

Affiliate marketing works so well because the affiliates can home-in on the products most relevant to their own interests. At the outset, when it comes to considering which programs to sign-up to, they should do some market research to determine likely areas of interest. Wherever possible, any shortlist should be tied-in with whatever they feel confident about promoting via their own web platform.

For instance, say someone was interested in cycling as a pastime. They might like to consider merchants that are in the business of selling protective headgear or other accessories. This would obviously be relevant to the marketer’s reasons for being active on the Internet in the first place.

Once signed-up to the appropriate retail company, the marketer can then, concentrate on fine-tuning his capability of making the most of his potential market, targeting customers by streamlining content and inserting links to the all-important purchase page.


Pros of Affiliate Marketing: Pay much lesser Advertising Costs

Pre-affiliate marketing, the optimum method of monetizing websites involved inserting the likes of Google code that would generate a modest amount of income each time an advert was clicked, or placing banner advertisements across pages. For the retailers, these methods were somewhat scattershot in their approach as they relied on a lot of customers landing on web pages. With affiliate marketing, the merchants are harnessing the power of social media, tapping into the ability of site managers to present attractive page layouts and easily-navigable links to draw customers through sales pages.

An eye-catching banner, dominating a page is not necessarily the most cost-effective way of attracting these potential customers. As many are just as likely to scroll past it, in the same way, we flick past pages of adverts in glossy magazines until we come to interesting articles. But the type of advertising that now comes into play is priceless when compared to the way, marketing was once integrated with websites. Today the crucial factor is social media.

Harnessing social media

Perhaps the single greatest factor in affiliate marketing advertising is the way the marketer can align their selling powers directly with their ability to reach out to their customer base via the informal platform of social media. Say you’re promoting a particular product, Rather than simply posting links to this item and inviting people to buy it, you can generate a buzz around the subject among your network of contacts. Review the item and invite your friends to invite their friends to do so. Post the 5-star ones & this process becomes ongoing.

Earn Online using Affiliate Marketing

When you choose an affiliate program, one must make a clever decision. As promoting a product involves promoting its company too. But, the question that still complicates various brains is: how to earn doing Affiliate marketing?

Working on affiliate marketing, one can make money by promoting products, blogs or websites and earn a specific percentage of the commission made from sales. The job of the marketer is to endorse the product provided by the agents and generating sales using web traffic.

Let’s begin our hunt on how to earn via affiliate marketing!

In affiliate marketing, the marketer chooses the products he wants to endorse. The seller of the product provides you with a distinct affiliate code which is used to transfer traffic to the target site. This can be done in two ways. Firstly, many affiliate programs come with pre-designed links, banners or in graphics, whose codes may be directly placed on your website and generate the traffic. The potential users get redirected to the product site, once they click on these links. If they purchase the product or subscribe to the website, you become eligible for commission.

You may not always have to sell the products or render services to earn through affiliate marketing. Another mode can be earning via

  • Pay per click: This is one of the fastest methods to earn doing affiliate marketing. Every time the visitor clicks the link and gets redirected to the product website, the marketer becomes eligible for the remuneration, whether the sales actually take place or not.
  • Pay per sale: once the visitor gets redirected to the concerned product website and purchases the product or subscribes the service, the marketer becomes eligible to earn the commission at the pre-decided percentage of sales price.
  • Pay per lead: After getting redirected to the website, if the visitor delivers his/ her contact information to the merchant site or the site selling the endorsed product, the marketer earns money without even selling the product.


Affiliate marketing is considered to be the fastest growing and widely used marketing technique among the aspiring marketers. It neither involves high capital investment nor does it solicit for stocking the product or delivering services. All that it requires is a constant involvement in the project and a well- planned technique to promote the product, service or a website. On a run to become a successful affiliate marketer, one must conduct a thorough research regarding the products to be promoted, and only choose the quality products to attract traffic to target sites. The success of any affiliate marketing business depends only on the unique and well- executory marketing technique. So, what are you waiting for, begin your research and become a big marketing Fame!

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