7 Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android [FREE]

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You will not find a sea of Nintendo DS Emulators but do you want to know the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android. The Nintendo DS or NDS has been the lone source of entertainment in the pre-smartphone era. Though the smartphone games are replacing these handheld gaming consoles, the real joy and satisfaction come with the evergreen games of PSP and Gameboy.

To play the Nintendo games on your Android device, you need to have the best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android. You get a lot of options of NDS emulators for Android to keep the gaming addiction alive. on Google Play Store, And so here in this article, you try to bring you the most appealing list of the 7 best Nintendo emulators for Android.

Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

Wondering how to play NDS games on Android? It’s an easy task. You can download the best NDS emulators for Android from Google Play Store. There is another alternative in the form of NDS emulator Android apk download, but the former is a pro method. So check out these NDS emulators for Android and know how to download NDS emulators for Android.


One of the decent and widely used NDS emulators is NDS boy. With the help of these emulators, you can play NDS games on Android. As the Nintendo gaming console is large, the DS emulators required to play NDS games on Android need a smartphone with higher-end configuration. From basic features like the load and save states, NDS Boy also offers customizable controls and ROM compatibility which is above average. You can easily download NDS emulator for Android for free from Google Play Store.


  • It comes with external gamepad support.
  • Load you game from the place you left it.
  • It supports Android 4.0+
  • It offers quicksave, autosave, save and load taste and quick load features.

Download NDS emulator for Android from Here.


Free DS Emulator

The following NDS emulator that you can download from Google Play store is the Free DS Emulator. One of the main features that make this DS emulator a powerful NDS emulator for download are the cheat codes that come pre-installed with the Free DS emulator. It allows you to customize the placements and the emulator controls as well. You do not need a NDS emulator Android apk for getting the Free DS Emulator. You can enjoy the games by downloading the Free DS Emulator for free from Google Pay Store. And then by saving and loading these games at any time you want.


  • It features load states.
  • Screen merging and dual pane display
  • External gamepad support
  • It offers the save states.

You can download the Free DS Emulator from here!


If you know about the Nintendo DS emulators, then you might be aware of the nds4droid emulator. It might be the oldest but is a strong competitor. If you want, you can download the NDS emulator Android apk or through Google Play store. You can enjoy the various features that range from the constant load and save states to the frame skip like performance tweaks. With nds4droid you get the opportunity to play NDS games on Android. So stop wondering how to download NDS emulator for Android and download nds4droid from here.


  • It offers great logical speed with performance tweaks.
  • It accepts all kinds of suggestion for the project.
  • The interface id smooth with beautiful graphics.

To download NDS emulator for Android, click here.

DraStic DS Emulator

Up till now, we had the free NDS emulators for Android, but the next on our list of best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android is not free. It is the only NDS emulator for which you will have to pay to play NDS games on Android. There are a few games which will not play well, but you will excel in most of the games that you throw on it. It is another one of the best Nintendo DS emulators that you can use to play NDS games on Android on your high-end device.


  • It offers controller customization.
  • He host features include screen layout customization.
  • It has Google Drive support and support for hardware controllers as well.
  • Allows enhancement of graphics to twice the original resolution
  • It also allows you to add-on controllers and saves gaming data even after you switch Android device.

You can easily download the DraStic DNS Emulator, from Here.

Ase DS Emulator

The next DS emulator that you can check out is AseDS emulator that has recently hit the Google Play Store. You can either opt the NDS emulator Android apk download way or from the Google Play Store. Tons of fantastic features make the AseDS, one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android. Several cheat codes, screen display options, and button layouts enhance its performance and overall stability. You can try the smooth functioning with all the features by downloading the AseDS emulator for Android.


  • It allows button binding and custom layout designing.
  • It comes with microphone support and wireless controller.
  • Flicker reduction and frame skipping automatically.
  • You can save and load the game on your Android device anytime.

Download the AseDS Android NDS emulator for free from here. Download now.


If you want to bring back the classic games like Sonic or Fantasy Story on your Android device, then you can complete it with the GENPlusDroid NDS emulator for Android. It offers all the essential features like landscape and portrait mode along with action replay and wireless controller support. You can also enjoy customizing the button layouts and automatic frame skipping. It doesn’t require root access, and you can easily store it in your ROM. With the GENPlusDroid emulator, you can play NDS games on Android, save and load games and even begin from the point you left it.


  • The video quality is good for Nintendo consoles.
  • It supports multi-touch and six joystick buttons.
  • The GENPlusDroid emulator also supports both keyboard and gamepad controller.
  • The emulator also supports the compacted files

You can download the GENPlusDroid, the NDS emulator for Android from here.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

The last in our list of best Nintendo DS emulators for Android is another free NDS emulator that you will get on Google Play store to play NDS games on Android. With Pretendo, you can optimize your RAM and ROM and even open the zip, .rom and .ds files. Its features are attractive and appealing, and you won’t even feel the lack of anything. And unlike other NDS emulators, the Pretendo NDS Emulator comes without any advertisements.


  • You can save and load any game anytime.
  • I match with the dual touchscreen interface
  • It supports portrait orientation with the auto-rotate landscape.
  • It offers flicker reduction and automatic skipping of the frame.

Get easy access of the Pretendo NDS Emulator from the given link.


These were the best NDS emulators for Android, and you can download Nintendo DS emulators for Android for free from Google Play store. Though if you want to go down that lane, then you can. We hope that any of these top 7 best Nintendo DS emulators for Android will suit you.

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