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How to Open Recently Closed Tabs In Any Browser

Managing your browser isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes you will accidentally close a tab, before you’re finished. Not to mention the browser shutting down with all your tabs open! So how exactly do you open recently closed tabs?

There are many different browsers out there. Opening recently closed tabs in any browser takes a few simple steps. Going to your history, selecting recently closed tabs, or even key shortcuts are all options to get your tabs back up and running.

However, for some of the browsers it’s more complicated! Here are the top browsers to choose from:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
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Take a look at these detailed step by step instructions on how to get your recently closed tabs open again!

Google Chrome

Google Chrome open closed tabsOpening tabs in Chrome is extremely simple. Follow these helpful steps:

Step 1: Tab Bar

Take your cursor up to the tab bar. Right-click on your “New Tab” option. This could be a + next to your open tabs , or simply a blank looking tab square.

Step 2: Menu Selections

A popup menu will appear when you right-click. Select “Reopen Closed Tabs” in the popup menu. Then you will have to select the tabs you would like to open from a shortlist of recently visited sites.

Step 3: Shortcuts

If you would like to simply input a shortcut, then you can press “Ctrl+Shift+T”. This will bypass steps 1 and 2 and open recently closed tabs right away.

For Chrome users, you may also look through your history to find tabs you would like to open again. Go to the right side of your browser, select the “Menu” (three dots) and go to “History”.

Altogether, this may be a bit more time consuming, but you can see a detailed list of all of the tabs you have opened. All of the recent options since the last time you cleared your browser history with a clean-up tool, as well as manually. 


Safari browser open closed tabsEmbracing shortcuts, as well as following the simple steps to re-open your tabs is easy!

Step 1: Get in on Shortcuts

In order to open recently closed tabs in Safari, a simple shortcut can be used. Press “Command+Z” to undo a tab being closed.

Step 2: Last Closed Window

If you don’t use a shortcut, you can choose to go up to your “History” tab. Next, you will choose “Reopen Last Closed Window” to get your tab back open.

Step 3: Full Session

However, if you had multiple tabs that closed and you wish to open them all up, then you can select “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” to get them up and running!


Opera open closed tabsOpening recently closed tabs in Opera is very similar to Chrome.

Step 1: Using shortcuts

A shortcut is typically the easiest way to open a closed tab. With Opera you will simply have to press “Ctrl+Shift+T” to restore recently closed tabs.

Step 2: Right Clicking Tab Bar

Overall, if you’re not into shortcuts, you can also simply right-click the tab bar on the top of the browser. This will generally look like a “+” next to your already open tabs. Select “Reopen last closed tab” to get your recent history back up.

Step 3: Choosing History

With Opera you can also choose to go through your recent history. Overall, you’ll just choose your “History” through the “Menu” option at the top left of your browser. Then you can go through your history to find the website you were looking for.

However, you can also choose to use the shortcut “Ctrl+H” to take you directly to your history.


firefox open closed tabsFirefox has different options from most browsers. However, it is simply because the locations of the selections are slightly different.

Step 1: Clicking It

Right click on your “Tab Bar” on your open Firefox window. Select the option to “Undo Close Tab”.

Step 2: Shortly

You can also choose to use a shortcut of “Ctrl+Shift+T” in order to undo your recently closed tabs.

Step 3: History Option

If you’re looking for a tab that was closed recently but not the last one, then you can go through your History on your browser. Take your cursor to the top right corner of your Firefox browser, as well as click on the “Menu” (three horizontal bars).

You can then choose the “History” icon in the center to scroll through your website history. You can also choose the option “Restore Closed Tabs” for multiple tab restoration.

Step 4: Sidebar

If you’re not likely to remember the website by name, as well as by icon, then you can choose to use your “History Sidebar”. Select the “Menu” button (three horizontal bars) and select “View History Sidebar”. Once it pops up on the left side of your browser screen you can choose from “Today”, as well as “Yesterday”, “Last 7 Days”, or by the recent months.

All things considered, if you are using Firefox to play the latest browser games and it shuts down on you, it’s easy to get it back up!

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer open closed tabsWith Internet Explorer, you have several options to get your recently closed tabs open.

Step 1: Shortcut Explorer

Using the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+T” will easily reopen a closed tab.

Step 2: Right Click Options

However, you can also right click on the top of your browser at the tab bar to open. Select “Reopen Closed Tab” in the pop-up menu to get your last tab open again. You can also continuously select “Reopen Closed Tab” and all of the closed tabs will open for you one by one, as well as in the order they were closed. 

There is also the option to select “Open All Closed Tabs” to open a full session of websites if your browser crashed.

Step 3: History Repeating

Go to the top right of your browser and select the “Star” icon. This will open up your menu to “View Favorites, Feeds, and History”. Next, you select “History”, and you can manually go through your website history to find the tab of your choosing.

Microsoft Edge

edge open recently closed tabsLast, but not least, we have the steps to reopen recently closed tabs for Microsoft Edge. This way you won’t lose your place binging your favorite shows on the top streaming platforms with Edge!

Step 1: Click On It

With Microsoft Edge, you can simply go up to your “New Tab” option in the Tab Bar and right-click. The pop-up menu will have the selection “Reopen Closed Tab”.  Be certain to click on a tab, because right-clicking on just the tab bar won’t work!

Step 2: Hubs

In the top right corner of your browser you have the option of clicking on “Hub” (Three horizontal lines), as well as selecting the history icon. This looks like a small clock with an arrow going to the left. From here you can select “Last Hour”, as well as “Last Week” and “Older”.


Now that you have detailed, step by step instructions for all of the most popular browsers, you can easily open recently closed tabs! However, keep in mind for Opera and Microsoft Edge, there isn’t an option to restore closed tabs from a full browsing session.

All things considered, it’s easy to get your work back, your shopping cart back, and so much more! Especially now that you can reopen closed tabs like a pro, no matter the browser.

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