10 Best Games like Maplestory that are Free in 2020

Life consists of full of hardships and with hardship come stress. Talking about things to release stress, playing games is on number one. That’s why it is no surprise that gaming had become so common among people of all ages. The games like Maplestory are incredibly amazing. One who just want to escape from reality and enjoy 2D side-scrolling games like Maplestory, just read the article. We are providing you a list of interesting Top 10 games like Maplestory.

Top 10 Games like Maplestory

Down runs the list of best 10 games like Maplestory. Here they go-

  • Tree of Savior
  • Dragon Saga
  • La Tale
  • Elsword Online
  • Ragnarok
  • ArcheAge
  • Mabinogi
  • Lunaria Story
  • AdventureQuest Worlds
  • Lost Saga

Best Alternatives to Maplestory

Tree of Savior

games like Maplestory

This game provides the amazing graphics of landscapes. It has various features such as mind-blowing nature view, epic tasks, quests, new environments, vibrant characters, custom options, amazing skills, crafting items etc. You can create a character according to your requirements and you have overall control on it.

You play on the Combat system so that you are able to do auto attacks in the dodge attacks. This game has four classes: Archers, Wizards, Swordsmen, and Clerics. You can unlock more classes in this game when you have reached in advanced levels.

Quick Links:  Tree of Savior

Dragon Saga

games like Maplestory

Dragon Saga, previously known as Dragonica Online, looks like your typical side scrolling game at first, until you learn that it is actually 3D, giving you more freedom to move your character. It has rich content with four starting classes to choose from.

Those who are looking for a different gaming experience must really give Dragon Saga a try. It has an innovative combo system, making an otherwise dull combat feel awesome. Be sure to give Dragon Saga a good shot! This game is perfect for you if you like some fast-paced action!

Quick Links: Dragon Saga

La Tale

games like Maplestory

La Tale is side scrolling action RPG for the PC that borrows a lot of elements from old style platform games and beat them ups.  As you play, you will unleash combo-attacks on enemies to earn XP and items. Although some would say that there are more better, more popular options, La Tale can still offer a few hours of fairly fun gameplay.

  • It is easy to play and novice friendly.
  • Fast paced side scrolling button mashing action.
  • Can level up and customize your character.
  • Variety of weapons for each class.
  • Comic style dialogues.
  • The game is free to download and play but has pay features the restrict freedom.

Quick Links: La Tale

Elsword Online

games like Maplestory

Yet another games like Maplestory is Elsword Online. This game permit you to experience violent actions. It is one of the best MMORPG game.  Elsword Online is 2.5D and Side-Scrolling game. It offers amazing deals of features. With a modernistic approach, it engages you into a Guild-based PvP environment where you can enjoy Skill-based Combats. By following the multi-region map, you’ll have to go through dungeons, interact with NPCs (Non-player Characters), complete quests and trade for items.

Quick Links: Elsword Online


games like Maplestory

Ragnarok was developed by Gravity Co. Ltd. It is a cross platform games like Maplestory that is designed for both windows as well as android. It is similar to MapleStory in terms of the feature to adopt job-based characters with different capabilities. It gives you experiecne of 3D with 2D characters.

Qucik links: Ragnarok



games like Maplestory

ArcheAge game is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and fulfills with amazing adventures. It provides an innovative approach to its core elements. It offers a variety of Content, Change the game world around you for progressing, gender choices for characters among four characters, customize the characters through custom settings etc.

You are able to choose your own path. It has Both Land and sea-based combats. The Unique Housing and Mount Systems have various features like resource collection, exploration, crafting etc. After new updates, this game introduces 3 oceanic zones.

Quick Links: ArcheAge


games like Maplestory

Mabinogi is another fantastic Anime themed MMORPG titles that overwhelm you with all kinds of amazing Features and Content. Exploration, character building, quests, social and environmental elements are some of the most prominent features of Mabinogi. The game allows you to select your character from any of the three main race types. These race types include characters such as Humans, Elves, and Giants.

It focuses more on Melee combats and allows you to develop many new skills as you progress. Though, the combat system is simple. If you love games with simplistic yet entertaining rudiments, Mabinogi is your best choice. It’s one of the very best games like Maplestory you’ll ever come across.

Quick Links: Mabinogi

Lunaria Story

games like Maplestory

Lunaria is 2D side scrolling game. The game seems to be simple but it’s actually a fun game play that is easy to learn. The game offers 3 different classes with male and female versions.

The backstory for the game world is a standard affair with gods, evil and power artefacts all making an appearance.  It has very Impressive pet system. In addition to all this there are a lots of automation and activities involved through out the game.

Quick Links: Official Website

AdventureQuest Worlds

games like Maplestory

It is very popular game. You are able to pick a character from four different classes and the classes are Healer, Rogue, Mage & Warrior. Every character has its strengths and weakness.

When you pick a character then you can fight with enemies. You will earn reputation to level-up and add abilities to your inventory. It has many adventures, quests, and styles. When you level up in the game then your game characters learn new abilities and increase their attack power. This game has the ability of auto attack and players earn gold after defeated their enemies.

Quick Links: AdventureQuest Worlds

 Lost Saga

games like Maplestory

The last name in list of top 10 games like Maplestory is Lost Saga. Lost Saga is a 3D, free, compact based multiplayer game. The game focuses on Fighting aspects and offers a variety of different characters, skills, and game modes. The game might look easy but it’s really hard to master. It allows you to use various combinations of the buttons for different types of attacks.

This feature makes the game more interesting and it satisfies you with the amount of damage done to the enemies. From a wide variety of characters such as Mages, Ninjas, Pirates, and other Sci-Fi characters, beautiful graphics, advanced mechanics and an addictive gameplay, Lost Saga is a fun MMO Fighting game to play instead of MapleStory. You can get Lost Saga from the Official Website.

Quick links: Lost Saga 

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Be sure to give all these game like Maplestory a good shot! So here it comes to an end.

If you find any other game that is missing in our list do let us know through comment section. We will love to hear form your side.

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