How to Get Higher Kill Games in Warzone

If you’re disheartened that your KD is lower than 1.0, don’t worry. Let’s find amazing ways to increase it. Beginners or middle-level Warzone players with 1.0 or 1.5 are considered good. But if you’ve been playing this game for a long time and consider yourself knowledgeable about Warzone, your KD ratio should be hitting 2.0 now. 

But if it’s not, that means you’re doing something wrong. It might be that you are not applying the best strategies to kill more, or you don’t use esp for Warzone to simplify things. Everyone knows how annoying it is to die more than you kill others. 

So, at whatever level you’re playing right now, but desire more kills, check our proven tips to change your results today. 

Strategies to get higher kills

Land into the fight 

If you aim to make higher kills, don’t shy away from the hot zones. You have to go to them and not wait for them to come to you. This sort of landing is usually not safe since you may face intense gunfights that might send you to the gulag. Well, at least you can also get more kills and even kill an opponent in the temporary prison. 

To ensure such a landing, you can wait for more players to land to identify the point of interest. Then, afterward, you can also land and prepare to start shooting from the air. Even if this idea might seem terrible initially, it will also help you hone your skills. 

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Prepare the best weapons faster.

Killing them all requires the best weapon. If you’re facing an enemy who has the same weapons as you, there’s no way to win. But when you have an advanced Meta weapon combination, even pro players will avoid you. 

So, the best thing is to grab your loadout as fast as possible to get the best and kill more. For instance, you can get the Heartbeat Sensor and Ghost perk to increase your tactical advantage. You can use these perks to locate the enemies faster and drop many of them even before seeing you. Other things to use early in the game are UAVs and vehicles if you can find them. 

Improve your skills 

Improve your skills 


There are basic skills and tactics that even beginners in Warzone should know. Those simple tricks can work for some time, but they become useless when every player learns them. So, don’t fight the same way or use the same strategies and tricks always. Instead, try to learn some advanced mechanics to play differently and better. 

For instance, you can learn some pro methods of moving in the game. It could also be the shooting and running tactics that others might not know how to do. Anything beyond what your opponents know is worth learning. 

but remember that you won’t master them overnight. You will have to put in a lot of work and practice to become an expert in those skills. So, spend the time fine-tuning what you know and learning more. 

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Get help from others. 

If you’re playing solo sometimes, it won’t be easy to achieve much of anything. But when you play with others, as a team, many things become possible. For example, your team members can help you improve the number of kills you get by identifying enemy locations around you. 

Thankfully, Warzone developers added a voice chat system for players to communicate. The ping system also enables players to stay in touch with others and even help them out. 

With all these and more ways to communicate, your partner(s) can cover you against enemies and also expose enemies to you. But no matter what you do, avoid useless deaths by sticking closer and not wandering too far from teammates. 

Strategize your actions 

Some things you do in Verdansk can make or mar you. For instance, the place you fight from or the way you move can expose you to enemies or help you get them. So think fast and also smartly in the game. For example, if you want to kill more, make sure you target the higher grounds. Also, use the right cover to protect yourself as you shoot. 

Another aspect is the way you move. Always move fast, and don’t forget to change spots as quickly. If you must peek from a spot, do so once and move to another spot. If you peek continuously from one location, an enemy will notice and kill you. So, try to be unpredictable to confuse the enemies easily. 


Nobody wants to die more than they kill. At least the thrills of shooting and killing a target can make your day blissful. Moreover, the pride you get from a higher KD can keep you coming back to Warzone. 

So, try to apply the strategies above and turn the tide to favor you. Always prepare your loadout fasters for the best weapons and perks. Don’t wander alone and move as fast as you can.

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