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How to Change WiFi Password

Don’t know how to change WiFi Password? Don’t worry now you are in the right place. Changing your password regularly keeps your wifi free from any security threat. Also when you forget your password and want to connect a new device to your Wifi. Changing the password is the only way to do that.

Here in this article, I’m going to list ways by which you can easily change your WiFi password. I am also going to cover the technique to change the password for some of the most popular routers. Let’s begin.

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Ways to Change your Wifi Password

To change your Wifi Password, the steps you need to follow include getting the IP Address and then to log in to the router’s user panel. To log-in to the User Panel, you require a Username and a password. You can get them from your ISP or can try some default ones such as { Username: admin, Password: admin or password}. By accessing the User Panel, the password can be easily changed. Let’s understand these three steps in detail.

First, you need to know the IP address of your Wifi Router. An IP address is an address your computer uses to communicate to the router. There are 2 ways to find your Router’s IP address. You can find your Router’s IP address written on your Router. If not so do the following steps to find your Router’s IP Address.

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Finding your Router’s IP Address

To get access to the User-Panel of your Router you need the Router’s IP Address. In this User Panel, you can configure your WiFi i.e you can change your WiFi password from here. Since you can’t find the IP Address on your Router. So you now have to find it through your Computer. Finding the IP Address in a Computer varies with the Operating System installed. So let’s see ways to find the IP Address both for Windows and Mac.

Finding IP Address on Windows

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the IP Address of your Router. Connect your PC to the Router before following these steps.

  • Click on Start Menu and open cmd.
  • Type “ipconfig” and click Enter.
  • Search for Default Gateway and note the Address in front of it.

ip config IP Address cmd Change WiFi Password


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Finding IP Address on Mac OS

To find the Router’s IP Address on MAC OS. Follow the below-mentioned steps. Connect your Mac to your Router before following these steps.

  • Click on Apple Menu on your screen.
  • Now select the System Preference from this Menu.
  • Click on the Network option.
  • Choose your Network Connection from here.
  • Now press the Advanced button.
  • Lastly, Click on the TCP/IP button and you will find your IP Address on the right of the router.

IP Address Mac os Change WiFi Password

Now as you have your Wifi Router’s IP Address with you. You can easily change your Password using this. Let’s see how.

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Changing WiFi Password from Browser

As you now have your Router’s IP Address you can use this to redirect to your Router’s User/Control Panel. Follow the steps briefly. I’ve also included some minor changes to the steps depending upon the Router’s Manufacturer. So let’s start to know how to change your WiFi password from your Browser.

  • Write your IP Address in the URL Bar above and press Enter. If you are having difficulties finding your Router’s IP Address. Below are some of the Login IPs for popular models of Routers.





BELKIN – http::/

D-link login user-panel

  • A USER/CONTROL Panel will open. It will first ask for Username and Password. Only after entering the Correct User Details it will redirect you to the Panel. If you don’t remember any Username or Password, try using the default ones. If they don’t work either try contacting your ISP and ask for the same.


Username: admin

Password: admin or password

  • Now find a WIRELESS Settings button to proceed to your Wireless/WiFi section.
  • There find a Password Column or search for the WPA Security section.
  • Modify or Enter the new Password and click the Apply/Done/Confirm button under it.

changing wifi password Dlink


Done. you now have your Wifi password changed. All your Devices connected to the WiFi will disconnect. You can now connect to your Wifi using the new Password.

Changing your Wifi Password on Android

If the Wifi you are using to access the Internet on your Device is coming from an Android Device instead of a Router. Then there are separate ways to change the WiFi Password on the source Android Phone. You use the Wireless Hotspot on your Mobile to share WiFi i.e Internet to your other Devices. So let’s start to know how to change your WiFi password on Android. Follow the below-mentioned steps accordingly.

  • Open Settings on your Phone. You can find the Settings icon either in the Notification bar or in the Icon Menu.
  • Now find Wireless Settings/Wireless and Networks/Connection Settings/Personal Hotspot inside the Setting Menu. This option depends on the Manufacturer of your Device. Alternatively, you can also search “Tethering and Portable Hotspot” in the search bar on top of your Settings Menu.
  • Now in the Network/Connection Settings, find Tethering and Portable Hotspot option and Click on it.
  • Inside it, you can find Connection Management or Wifi Hotpot. Click on it.
  • Now in the Password Column, you can Enter or Change your Wifi Password.

changing Wifi Password Android


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Changing your WiFi Password on IOS

if instead of an Android Phone you are using an Apple Device for WiFi. Then there is some difference in changing Wifi Password. So let’s start to know how to change your WiFi password on IOS i.e on an Apple Device. Follow the below-mentioned steps accordingly.

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone. On an iPhone, you can easily find Setting Icon in the App Tray. Tap on it.
  • Now find and tap on the Personal Hotspot option.
  • You need to toggle it on before proceeding to the WiFi settings.
  • Now tap on the WiFi password option and change the password inside it.

Changing wifi password Ios/apple/iphone

I hope that now you can easily change your WiFi password in any of your Devices. Changing the WiFi password is a good habit and I recommend you to change it once every month. You can write your doubts and queries in the Comments Section below if you are still having any trouble. I hope that this article has solved all your problems and now you don’t need to wonder “How to change WiFi password?”.

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