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Convert MP3 To MIDI Using Online Converters

Looking for an online converter to convert MP3 to Midi? Search no more since here you will see step by step simple ways on how to convert MP3 to Midi using 4 converters!

Who does not likes to listen to music and loves to be carried away by its beats? Music has got many forms these days and there are many different formats that allow creating and transporting music files across different platforms. MIDI is one such digital interface. Now, one tends to confuse normal audio files like MP3, WAV, WMA etc. and MIDI. In fact, MIDI is not audio files rather they contain a description on how to create music. MP3 to MIDI hence is a different story which is a complicated process.

MP3 to MIDI conversion can be compared with the skilled musician.  MIDI has now become preferred audio file format for any player.

Hence with this skilled software MIDI’s popularity is increasing day by day. So here is the complete guide on how to convert MP3 to MIDI using online tools and other MP3 to MIDI converters available. 

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What is MIDI?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface which is a commonly-used compact file format. It is not an audio format like MP3, WAV, but contains descriptions on how to create music specifically tailored for software or hardware made to play the file type. It is a notes-based file format that stores full music strength and duration of the notes actually being played. Therefore converting MP3 to MIDI file requires specialized software along with human editing to minimize errors in the file conversion. You can also specify MIDI using pitch, velocity, notation, cues, clock signals, tempo etc.

A popular tool used to convert MP3 to MIDI is the WIDI Recognition System Professional. While Audacity has only limited support for MIDI format. Though you cannot use Audacity to record MIDI input, importing/editing audios and converting/exporting audios in WAV/MP3 to MIDI files.

How to Convert MP3 to MIDI?

Now since MIDI is of so much use to us, therefore, one wants to convert its mp3 files to MIDI. There are online MIDI converters on Windows and Mac along with offline converters that will easily allow you to change the formats of audio files.

1. How to convert MP3 to MIDI with Audacity on Windows/Mac

Audacity is the best choice to convert audio files like MP3, WAV, MIDI, and M4A to MIDI. Follow the steps on how to convert MP3 to MIDI with Audacity. But before this, you need to download a lame_enc.dll file.

Step 1- Download, install and launch Audacity on your computer.

Step 2- Then click “File” > “Open” and import the MP3 file you wish to convert to MIDI. You can also directly drag the MP3 file into the Audacity window.

Step 3- Click the “Play” button to play the desired selected MP3 file.

Step 4- Now click “File” > “Export Audio”, and then an “Export Audio” window will pop up. Go to “Save as type” tab.

Step 5- Then choose “Other uncompressed files”. You can now set format options here. Choose SDS (Midi Sample Dump Standard) from “Header” tab. Choose to encode according to your need. Finally, click on “Save” button.

Step 6- You will see that an “Edit Metadata” window will display. You can use this to edit or modify the MIDI audio info. Finally, click on “OK” to convert MP3 to MIDI.

You will see that the desired file is successfully converted to MIDI from MP3 files on your Mac and Windows.

2. Convert MP3 to MIDI using WIDI

WIDI is another famous tool just like Audacity that lets you perform the conversion of audio files to MIDI.

Step 1- Download and install the WIDI Recognition System Professional software on your PC.

Step 2- After when the installation is completed, double-click on the WIDI application icon to launch the program.

Step 3- From the WIDI Wizard menu displayed on the screen select the “Transcribe Pre-Recorded MP3, WAV, or CD”. Click the “Next” menu.

Step 4- Use the file chooser on the next dialogue menu box then select the MP3 file to convert to MIDI format.

Step 5- Select the “Open” menu button. Then, select the “next” button.

Step 6- You can adjust the software settings for MIDI recognition or you can choose preset options from the drop-down list.

Step 7- Click the “Next” menu button. The WIDI will then proceed to analyze the MP3 file in a few seconds.

Step 8- Close the WIDI wizard after the audio file analysis is complete.

Step 9- Click on the “Save” button to continue saving the MIDI file.

The WIDI is available both in trial and commercial version. With trial version,n you can only convert 10 seconds long audio while to do the complete conversion you need a commercial version.

Best MP3 to MIDI Converters Online

If you do not prefer to download any desktop-based software, then you can do MP3 to MIDI conversion using online audio converters. So let us discuss some reputable MIDI online converters.

Bear File Converter – Convert WAV/OGG/AAC/WMA/MP3 to MIDI

Bear File Converter is a useful and free online audio converter. It lets you convert WAV, OGG, WMA and MP3 audio to MIDI file. The output MIDI audio that you get can be playable in Audacity or game software. In addition, the converted MIDI file is very small. However, for imported audio file 50 MB or smaller in size is a must.

Step 1- Navigate to Bear File Converter’s MIDI Converter. Click “Upload” to load your MP3 audio. You can also drag the audio file to the interface.

Step 2- Then find the upload from the progress bar.

Step 3- Now look for “Convert” button. Click to convert the desired file.

Step 4- Download the converted MIDI file to your Mac or PC.

Converter Cat – Convert MP3 to MIDI online

Another great online tool worth using is Converter Cat. It is easy to use with a clean interface and is user-friendly. You can choose “Convert Files” option or “URL Converter” option according to your choice. You can upload a file up to 50 MB. But in case you want to import files larger than 50 MB you will have to register and log in to Convert Cat.

Step 1- Visit Convert Cat MP3 to MIDI. Click on “Choose File” button.

Step 2- Import the MP3 audio file and choose “MIDI” from the Extension Available tab.

Step 3- Type your email address into the blank box.

Step 4- Finally click on “Convert” button. You will get an email from Convert Cat. Then you can click the download link to get the converted MIDI file.

Well, I guess this was all about how to convert MP3 to MIDI methods and online tools available for Windows and Mac. To successfully convert MP3 audio files to MIDI follow any of the methods or use any tools for easy conversion.


What is a MIDI File?

MIDI is a data file that contains descriptions of how to create music.

Can I Convert MIDI Files to MP3?

Yes. You can convert MIDI files to MP3 files.

Will the Music Quality Be Affected If It’s Converted from MIDI to MP3?

Yes. The quality of the music will be enhanced by converting it to MP3.

Can I Convert MIDI Files to MP3 for Free?

Yes. There are several online options for converting MIDI files to MP3 files for free.

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