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How To Save Webpage As PDF [Windows, Mac, iOS, Android]

Do you need to save a webpage as a PDF file? Keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Eventually, most of the time, you hit some web pages which you want to share with friends. Sometimes, you also want to save them so that we can read them later or read them again. So, I’m gonna tell you how to save webpage as PDF file. Though, you can easily copy and paste the link of the webpage and then view it later. But, I think it is elegant to have a page saved as an image that you can easily mark up, print, or view offline. In such cases, the best thing you can do is to create a PDF file of the webpage. So that, this PDF file can be viewed later and can be sent to anyone.

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Converting a Webpage to PDF On Different Platforms

Most people probably don’t know how to turn a webpage into a PDF file. Today, in this article, I’m gonna list some ways that you can use to save a webpage as a PDF file.

Converting a Webpage to PDF

How to Save Webpage as PDF in PC, Windows, iOS & Android

Without wasting any more time let me directly skip to the ways in which you can save a WebPage as a PDF File.

I will be mentioning every method possible so that you don’t have to search this again. This article contains methods to convert/save webpage as PDF in Windows, iOS, Android ! After that you can even convert the pdf to a doc file using a free PDF to Word converter

1. The Print Function In Microsoft Edge

The print function is the most effective and the fastest method to save a webpage as a PDF. It works efficiently in most of the browsers. This process would seem familiar to you if you’re using Microsoft Edge. This process is a work of a few seconds and gets done in a few seconds. Follow the steps if you’re using Microsoft Edge:

Step 1: At first all you need to do is click on the File menu and select print. You can also press CTRL + P to open the Printer Window. It might seem logical to choose “Save Page As…”. But, this option saves pages in a web format instead of saving it as a PDF. So, avoid that option and go with the Printing.

Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu available under Printer. You’ll find an option that reads “Microsoft Print to PDF”. Now, select this option.

Step 3: You can also go through the other options available if you want to make changes before printing. You can make a change in the field of margins and scale, and then select print. This will automatically save all pages in the current webpage. But, if you want to print the PDF after you do the saving stuff, there are ways available to do that too.

The Print Function In Microsoft Edge - pdf

Note: Windows Edge contains a sidebar that pops up when you print something. But, old browsers like Internet Explorer use a more traditional printer window. It looks a little different yet your steps and options remain the same.

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2. How to Save Webpage as PDF in MacOS

Well, if you’re a Safari user, then the process is a little different. You’ll use the print function but a little differently. Safari is very useful if you want to save a PDF. Safari automatically provides much more options than Windows for saving PDF files. These plus options help you to share PDF files with a group of friends or devices easily.

Follow these steps to save a webpage as a PDF in Safari:

Step 1: Open the webpage that you want to save as a PDF. Click on the File Menu and select Print. Alternatively, press CTRL + P to open the printer window.

Step 2: Select the option “PDF” in the lower-left corner of the window. It will open the drop-down menu. In this case, you’re going to find numerous ways to save a file as PDF. Some of the ways are:

  • Save it to the cloud
  • Save it as an instant message
  • Open it in preview before saving

Now, all you need to do is choose the option that fits you and will work according to your needs.

Step 3: Give a name to your file and locate it where you can find and open it easily. Then select Save.

Save Webpage as PDF in MacOS

3. How to Save Webpage as PDF on Chrome

Well, this process is also a little different. This is because Chrome contains another kind of interface to navigate. So if you prefer Chrome OS or you’re on the Chromebook, then you can find the way to save a PDF file here. The steps are very easy:

Step 1: Just like the other browsers, reach out settings and choose “…”. This step will open up the print window.

Step 2: After you open the printing windows, look for the option Destination and select change. You’ll reach a “Select a Destination” under the option “Local Destinations”.

Step 3: Here, you’re gonna find an option “Save as PDF”. Select this option. It will open a preview of the pages and provide ways to change the layout, select pages, etc.

Step 4: Once you make the desired changes, you can select the option “Save” and then you’re done.

Save Webpage as PDF on Chrome

4. Save Webpage as PDF on Firefox

You can easily save a webpage as a PDF in Firefox too. All you need to know is the right way to do it. Move through the steps and you’ll easily save any webpage you want to, as a PDF file.

Step 1: Open the Menu option from the Firefox window. Then select the option Print from the list of options available in the Menu.

Step 2: Take a look at the bottom-left corner of the window. There you’ll see a drop-down option which reads “PDF”. Click on the drop-down menu.

Step 3: There are a number of options you can use from the drop-down menu for your PDF file. You can choose to Save as PDF if you want to only save it. Rather, you can also share it with a group of friends. You can email it to someone or do many other tasks from here.

Save Webpage as PDF on Firefox

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Save Webpage as PDF on iOS for iPhone and iPad

This term “Share Button” might be unknown to many iOS users. Well, if you’re not aware of this term, you don’t have to worry. You won’t need to download an extra app or anything else. Instead, this is the name of a little upload button you might find on a webpage.

Generally, it looks like a square with an error which points upwards. You can find it in your toolbar and it is used for viewing, saving and cloud services. This is where you’re going to start.

Step 1: Choose this Share button on the webpage you want to save.

Step 2: This will open up many upload options for any eligible apps installed on your device. Find the option Save PDF to iBooks in those options. Select this option.

Step 3: This will automatically create a PDF file in the iBooks. You can launch it anytime. However, save it with patience as sometimes formatting problems creeps in.

Save Webpage as PDF on iOS

How to Convert and Save Webpage to PDF on Android

Well, in the case of Android, you don’t need to go through all these steps. I suggest you to download a simple app “Convert Web to PDF” to do all the hard work. This app gives you a quick convert option along with many basic editing options. You can prefer converting only the text or only the background if you want, using the app.

Convert and Save Webpage to PDF on Android

You can easily share the file instantly using the instant share option featured by the app.

Once you install the app, you can follow the on-screen instructions to save webpage as PDF on your Android Smartphone.


So, these are the ways you can use to convert a webpage into a PDF file. The process of converting to PDF file is quite easy. This article contains platforms from where you can convert a webpage into a PDF file. Comment below if this article was helpful for you.

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