7 Best Chromecast Alternatives

Do you like casting your laptop or mobile on your TV? or even streaming videos from Youtube, Netflix, Hulu etc to your TV. Well, in that case, you must have heard about Chromecast. But do you know that there are many chromecast alternatives that do exactly the same? This post is a guide for you to find such alternatives.

The Google Chromecast is no uncertainty a great wonder to observe the way it overwhelmed the media streaming with its dispatch. Google Chromecast is HDMI-empowered media streaming gadget used to stream content from cell phones and tablets to television, with no need of any physical links.

Google Chromecast is a 3-inch gadget which fits your television and sets your cell phone over a Wireless connection. It streams content directly from your Cell phones, laptops, and tablets to television. This amazing and dependable gadget gives you a chance to stream content from various outsider app like Netflix, Hulu and all the more utilizing Chromecast applications.

Why would you need a Chromecast alternative?

Google Chromecast is really great at what it does. But there are always others alternatives in the market that constantly provide a competition to Chromecast.

With so many Chromecast alternatives, people are now exploring more and more options instead of directly opting for Chromecast.

Cost is another factor that plays a role here. There are certain alternatives to chromecast that tend to be cheap in price.

List of Best Chromecast Alternatives in 2018

Well, there are many more that we could have listed, but the below-listed chromecast alternatives are what we feel are good enough for you to try. You can always explore more alternatives to chromecast.

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung All Share Cast
  • Roku
  • PiCast
  • Match Stick
  • XBOX One


Best Google Chromecast Alternatives

With multiple factors in place, people are always looking for the best tv streaming device. So, no matter chromecast is number 1, people still want to buy and try some other chromecast alternatives. 

And that is what we have listed in this post below.

Apple TV

One of the best chromecast alternative that is specially loved by all Apple users is Apple TV.

The new Apple television has its own particular application store for programming services. This Apple television permits 1080p HD resolution picture quality. This has outfitted with remote control, with having an energizing element Siri with voice control which we utilize tablets and iPhones.

Apple television enables streamers to get the best services to get films, sports, on-screen characters, executives, and fitness shows everything live on the extra large screen with high resolution. You can even listen to music from iTunes on the extra large screen. Apple television doesn’t permit 4K recordings like other chrome cast gadgets.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has ventured out of the shadows with regards to media gadgets with their new Amazon Fire television. This gadget leads Amazon amongst the most effective media streaming gadgets with huge amounts of highlights out-of-the-box. With the advantage of gaming added to it, the Amazon Fire television can not just stream media to your television, it even gives you a chance to play games on TV.

Buy From  Official Store.

Why consider this over Chromecast?

Amazon Fire television offers includes that effective and best Google’s Chromcast, Apple television or some other media streaming gadget for this situation. For the best streaming gadget that gives you a chance to play themes out of the box. Amazon Fire television is the entire media streaming gadget.

Samsung Allshare Cast

Samsung Allshare Cast is a media device which let you stream motion pictures and media records from phone or Tablet, and stream introductions in a work environment set up. It cast needs a Samsung gadget, be it as a World cell phone or tablet. With a standard HDMI link or a Wireless association, you can stream your media by means of links or remote to your HDTV.

On the off chance that you happen to claim a Samsung gadget, Samsung Allshare cast sounds good to possess as it is perfectly perfect with their gadgets. This gadget enables you to stream introductions to a television and makes an ideal fit in work environment conditions.

Notable Features: Enjoy HD movies and music on big screen, Perfect fit for workplace environments, Easy to set-up and connect.
Pricing: $79.99
Where to buy:


Roku is a streaming app. We relate it to a set of series of the digital media player. All set-top box contents in the face of different channels. Roku is a small black box that allows quick streaming up of your favorite TV shows and movies. Most are unaware of the upcoming features of Roku that includes, a Roku TV, Roku Stick and new Roku boxes.

The best feature is that you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows from services like Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, etc; you can stream sporting events and music from Pandora, iTunes, and MOG.

The word Roku-is derived, from the Japanese word meaning “six”. Named after the sixth company that Anthony Wood (CEO 2002-) had started. Roku, a streaming device gets data (the video stream) via a wired or Wi-Fi connection to an Internet router.

The data is output via an audio cable, video cable, or HDMI cable. The device can be easily connected to any television setup comprising of all the required input connections.


PiCast is an open-source other option to Google Chromecast and every one of the media streaming device. What you would need to let this working is the $35 Raspberry Pi and a little time arranging it. In the Process that you are an innovative and love open source, PiCast is an extraordinary free option to get your particular media streaming gadget up and run in almost no time.

The task is accessible on GitHub and is advancing to an ever-increasing number of highlights as days pass by.


Matchstick streaming device is an open-stage gadget which depends on Firefox OS. The gadget is valued at $12 as an early supporter. As the time frame has shut, the retail form of Matchstick can be made accessible for $25.

Matchstick is a HDMI dongle, connecting to your television. The Excursion application gives you ‘A chance to indulgence’ content from your telephone to your television.


XBOX One is best to game comfort for streaming new ones on TV. In the event, you would love to use computer games go for XBOX One gaming console.

Children love to work with gadget interface. There are many gaming consoles like XBOX one among the best streaming devices.

What are your views on these media streaming gadgets that serves well as Chromecast options? In a response that you have some other devices rundown, let us know in remarks below.

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