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Best Manga App On Android (Top 13)

Looking to find the Best Manga App for Android to read your favorite Manga? Then you’ve come to just the right place!

What is a Manga App?

Like other reader apps, a Manga App is an application that allows you to read manga on your Android device. The app functions as if you are reading a traditional manga comic, as well as reading from right to left like the original printed Japanese versions!

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Manga App

There are many apps out there, but the best manga apps on Android will make it feel as though you’re truly reading a real comic. Not to mention be filled with interesting and informative features.

Since there are a lot of options out there, we’ve taken the time to break down the best of the best. Meaning you won’t have to trust the app on your iPhone, as well as have some shady app that has access to your information!

All things considered, these apps offer the most reliable graphics, the most interesting features, and the best manga available! Here are the top 13 best manga app for Android you can find right now!

TOP 13 Best Manga Apps For Android

Manga Geek

Manga Geek Best Manga App Android


Manga Geek is one of the best manga apps on Android for many reasons. It has an auto-updating system that allows for the newest manga to be available to you. Not to mention it is a FREE app on Android that has several languages and a large number of comics! All in all, it’s an easy to use app that has the following features:

  • Auto-updates for new chapters, as well as new comics
  • English, Japanese, Spanish, as well as French and more languages available
  • Prominent manga companies choose this app
  • Live wallpaper
  • Easy to use interface


  • Lots of languages available
  • Excellent selection of manga comics
  • User-friendly
  • Upgraded version available


  • Issues uploading new chapters
  • No clear options for favorites
  • In-app advertising
  • Some issues with graphics loading incorrectly

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Final Verdict on this Best Manga App on Android

Between the large selection, as well as the multiple languages and the auto-updating, this is truly one of the best manga for Android options on the market. Besides some graphic loading issues, this app is an all-around home run.

Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump


Shonen Jump is an incredible manga and comics application that allows you to read the newest chapters of your favorite series for free. If you become a member you will get access to over 10,000 manga chapters, as well as titles from the most popular manga series.

It runs as a streaming service so that you don’t have to take up space on your device. Not to mention the app is secure, so using a password manager, or trying to keep your device safe from malware won’t be an issue.

Features offered with Shonen Jump include:

  • Reading up to 100 free chapters a day
  • Read free previews of new manga before purchase
  • Huge catalog, as well as exclusive selections ONLY found on Shonen Jump
  • Landscape mode for viewing 2-page spreads
  • Access on any device
  • Bookmark feature
  • English series


  • Amazing selection, as well as exclusive options
  • Doesn’t take up device memory
  • Downloadable content for offline use
  • Landscape mode for full experience


  • To get all the features you need to pay $1.99 a month
  • Limit to how many free chapters you get a day
  • No “favorites”, as well as no edits to “Continue Reading” section

Final Verdict on this Best Manga App for Android

Because of the exclusive manga options, as well as the landscape mode that lets you see artwork across two pages, this is really one of the best manga app for android options. Not only will you have access to thousands of titles, but you can get even more features with a paid membership. However, there are now favorites options, and you can only read up to 100 free chapters a day. All things considered, it’s an excellent option for you!

Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Best Manga app android


Crunchyroll Manga is an app that runs through a subscription fee, as well as offers you a practically unlimited amount of comics and manga! Additionally, you can also get access to anime as soon as it is released in Japan from their other successful apps!

That means no waiting for your favorite manga to release elsewhere. Not to mention all of the manga comics are supposed to come with English subtitles.

Here are the features that come with Crunchyroll Manga:

  • Manga content, as well as comic content
  • Access to the latest manga as soon as it is available in Japan
  • Full mobile support
  • English subtitles
  • View entire series anywhere, as well as anytime
  • Unlimited reading access


  • Unlimited access to all of their manga
  • Can look through entire series
  • Favorites option
  • Bookmarking features


  • Loading issues
  • Premium features require fee
  • Lots of notifications, as well as some pages being out of order

Final Verdict

This is a great app, filled with a lot of amazing content. Not only can you read manga as soon as it is released in Japan, but you can also do it with English subtitles! However, the premium cost is $6.95, as well as there are a lot of issues with logging in being reported. Overall, it’s an excellent source for your favorite series.


This manga app is loaded with over 1,500 titles translated to English, as well as ready to read, right now! Not only does it have a large selection of manga, but it also has a community section. Altogether, this allows manga lovers to chat and talk about their favorite series through the app!

Here are the features that you get with MangaZone:

  • Community chat section
  • Free English translations
  • Rating system, as well as favorites area
  • Chapters and summaries available
  • Free, because of in-app advertisements


  • Free app, because of ads
  • English translations
  • Manga community section


  • App can be buggy, needs an upgrade
  • Not available on Google Play, because you need to download it directly from the site
  • Ads

Final Verdict on MangaZone

This is one of the best manga app on Android primarily because of the unique community chat feature. With this app, users can talk about all the manga they love! However, there are a few bugs, and the interface needs an upgrade. Overall, it’s a great app for manga!

Manga Searcher: Manga Reader V2

manga searcher best manga app android


As one of the best manga app on Android options, Manga Searcher: Manga Reader V2 has a wide variety of reading options! Not only is the interface user-friendly, but it is also quite stunning to look at! As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access your favorite manga selections. All in all, with a free download and auto-updates with new chapter releases, it’s a great option for manga lovers.

Features that are included with Manga Searcher: Manga Reader V2:

  • Online access to many manga options
  • Can use anywhere, on any device or home and business internet
  • Day and night reader modes
  • Save files for offline reading
  • User friendly searches for your favorite titles
  • Bookmarks, favorites, as well as recommendations


  • Excellent selections
  • Thoughtful, as well as useful features
  • Landscape, or portrait modes


  • Some series difficult to find
  • App will close itself randomly
  • No swipe options for next page

Final Verdict on Manga Searcher: Manga Reader V2

With an excellent selection, as well as day and night reader modes, Manga Searcher: Manga Reader V2 really is one of the best manga app for Android users. However, there are some app issues with interface and not being able to find series. All in all, it’s a great choice for reading manga day or night.


MANGATOON Best manga app android


MangaToon makes the list as one of the best manga apps on Android because of its user-friendly interface, as well as it’s easy to navigate format. This app has a wide variety of manga titles. Not to mention an auto-updating process that allows you to have all of the best manga, right away!

MangaToon offers the following features:

  • Large array of manga titles
  • Manga available in English, Portuguese, German, French, as well as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese and more!
  • Excellent filters for searches (Source, time, genre, etc.)
  • Download for offline reading


  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Great search filters
  • Lots of languages available


  • No access to your bookmarks or downloads on multiple devices
  • Point based for free titles, one a day.
  • Paid upgrades

Final Verdict on MangaToon

Because of the 1 reading coupon per day, as well as having to watch adds to access free materials, this app can sometimes get a bad review or two. However, overall there are a lot of amazing features. Not to mention the easy to use interface.

Manga Reader

Manga Reader


Manga Reader is an excellent choice for Android users. It is not only one of the most popular apps, but it also has one of the largest selections of manga titles available! Not to mention the app is free!

Here are the features that come with Manga Reader:

  • Excellent filter options (name, author, genre, time, as well as rank, etc.)
  • Page scrolling
  • Page curl feature
  • Bookmark, as well as favorites
  • No download limit
  • Remember search history
  • Crop pages
  • Fast download speeds
  • Stream on different libraries simultaneously, as well as different devices


  • Continuous page scrolling is good for “life like” manga reading
  • HUGE selection of manga
  • Unlimited downloads


  • LOTS of ads
  • Download feature is sometimes buggy
  • Pictures don’t load well if you don’t have SUPER fast internet

Final Verdict on Manga Reader

Manga Reader makes the list because of its extremely diverse selection of manga, the fun page scrolling features, as well as the unlimited download. However, we could do without the excessive ads, or the unloaded pictures. Absolutely one of the best apps for manga. No need to spoof your location and use a hotspot, or try to only read online, because of the downloadable content option!

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Anime and Manga Animo

anime manga animo


As one of the best manga apps for Android, Anime and Manga Animo is unique because it is more of a community, rather than just an app. Not only can you communicate with other manga lovers, but you can also read millions of manga comics!

Find the features for Anime and Manga Animo here:

  • Incredible storage capabilities
  • You can rate, as well as give feedback to various manga titles
  • Find people, as well as communicate with them, about your favorite series
  • Share files, drawings, as well as pictures within the community


  • Access to a LOT of manga titles
  • Enjoy chatting with people who also love manga
  • Rating and feedback system


  • Crashing issues
  • Not recommended for small children because of the file sharing capabilities
  • Overly protective of posting options that are “off topic” from manga

Final Verdict on Anime and Manga Animo

Because of the community aspect, as well as the amazing storage of manga series, Anime and Manga Animo makes the best manga app for Android list! However, because they are sticklers for what you post, and you can also receive pictures and messages from anyone, it isn’t recommended for people under a certain age. As in you can’t post about your cat, or your favorite Hulu show. All in all, being able to talk to other manga lovers is a really, REALLY big plus for this app


Tachiyomi is a free and open source manga reader for Android. It is considered one of the best because it is open source. This means it is completely free, as well as being free of ads! Lots of in-app options to making your manga reading personalized to you. Not to mention the user interface looks smooth and clean.

Here are the features you will love:

  • Access to incredible manga series
  • Light and dark themes for day and night reading
  • Organize your library by categories
  • Downloadable content
  • Schedule your library to update with newest chapters
  • Back up your library to cloud, as well as to device


  • Open source
  • No ads
  • Excellent selection


  • Not on Google Play Store (Third Party Download)
  • Has warning on phones that it may be harmful to your device
  • May need downloadable extensions

Final Verdict

As one of the most popular downloadable manga apps, Tachiyomi has an incredible selection. Not to mention no ads. As an open source application, you may not be able to find it on the app store and will have to download it from another source. However, it is a great option for reading your favorite manga series.

Comic Time Reader

comic time reader


Comic Time Reader makes the list as being one of the best manga app for Android options because of its amazing technology. Not only can you get the best manga and comics, but you can get panel-by-panel guided views. Furthermore, it’s FREE.

Find the features for Comic Time Reader here:

  • Smart Mode Technology for panel views
  • Movie mode that makes each panel transition
  • Storage library with categories
  • File manager, as well as downloads


  • Cool smart mode tech
  • Movie mode makes reading comics and manga interactive
  • Free (However, it does have ads)


  • Settings don’t make your experience individualized
  • Panel view isn’t great for phones, works best on tablets
  • Loud advertisements

Final Verdict on Comic Time Reader

Making it to the list with its fun, enjoyable, as well as useful technology, Comic Time Reader is a great app for manga. However, there aren’t a lot of settings to make your reading experience unique. But, the page “turning”, as well as the automatic movie mode transitions between panels makes this app really cool!

Manga Plus

manga plus


Manga Plus is a fun manga reader that allows you to read manga comics as soon as they are released in Japan! It is the official manga reader of the company Shueisha Inc., an actual manga publishing company. The app allows for thousands of manga series to be accessed through their servers.

Not to mention you can find all of these helpful features:

  • Famous manga series available, as well as lesser known series
  • Easy filter usages on the app
  • Day and night modes, as well as reading modes
  • Fun themes to apply
  • Free to read within the app


  • Various display modes for reading anytime of day, as well as night
  • Easily filter searches
  • Smooth, user-friendly interface


  • Loading issues with only being able to read first three, as well as last three chapters of a comic
  • Buggy, at times
  • Resolution of pages, as well as images can be grainy

Final Verdict on Manga Plus

All in all, Manga Plus is a great addition to the list because it is the official manga app of an actual manga publishing company! Not to mention it is free. However, there are bug issues, as well as picture resolution issues. Overall, it’s a great app to use for reading your favorite manga, as well as selections from the Shueisha Inc. company!

Manga Dogs

manga dogs


Manga Dogs, like other manga readers, has a great selection. However, it does offer manga from around the world, in many different languages! Not only that, but you will see a lot of interesting genres, as well as manga directly from the authors! What a great way to get access to new and exciting manga.

Here are the great features from Manga Dogs:

  • Search by name, author, release time, etc.
  • Original manga from original authors
  • Bookmark pages, as well as save favorites
  • Vertical and horizontal reading modes
  • Notifications when your favorite series update


  • Original content posted directly to app
  • Easy to use interface
  • Personalized notifications


  • No downloadable content
  • Laggy
  • Have to pay to read full versions

Final Verdict on Manga Dogs

Although it isn’t free, as well as having a bit of a lag issue, Manga Dogs is great because of the push to get new manga authors read! Not to mention access to original works.

Manga Zero- Zero Original Comics

Manga Zero is for those intense manga lovers who want new and popular manga… As well as those who speak Japanese and read it. All in all, it is an excellent source for some of the best manga available. If you speak and read the text in its original Japanese.

Here are the best features offered with Manga Zero:

  • Read many episodes and new chapters for free
  • Auto uploading capabilities
  • New, as well as exciting titles directly from Japan
  • Reading modes available
  • Classic, as well as older series available as well


  • Great source for original Japanese Manga
  • Many original manga series
  • Auto upload your new chapters


  • Only in Japanese
  • Page loading takes 30 seconds or more sometimes

Final Verdict on Manga Zero- Zero Original Comics

If you are learning Japanese, Japanese is your first language, or you simply want to enjoy the manga titles on this app in it’s original language, then this is the best manga app for Android for you! Find hundreds of titles that you will love, with this one app!

The Best Manga App for Android on Your Device Today!

With so much to choose from, it’s no wonder there are so many amazing options for the best manga app for Android users. Find yours today using this helpful guide!


Is It Legal To Read Manga Online?

Yes. It is legal to read manga online, especially if you are paying for it. However, there are some apps that may source their manga from nefarious sources.

Can I use a Manga App like I would an E-Reader?

Yes. Besides apps that use a community chat system, these are basically interactive e-readers for manga!

Do Manga Apps take up a lot of storage space?

This depends upon the app, as well as how the app stores your downloadable content for reading offline. Research the app you choose to see how they store the downloadable manga content.

Can I use the same Manga app on my phone, tablet, and PC?

Yes. There are a lot of manga apps on Android options that allow you to use multiple devices. However, some may not allow you to keep bookmarks or favorites on different devices.

What makes some Manga apps better than others?

There are a lot of factors. User-friendliness, graphics, extra features, etc., can all factor into making a Manga app simply ok, or the best of the best!

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