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How Can You Copy Netflix Movies to DVD

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Many of our readers ask if is it possible to download a movie from Netflix to a local disk? In their apartments, a wireless connection is not stable. Thus it would be cool to be able to download content and play it directly from the local hard drive.

Some years ago it was not possible at all to save Netflix videos. All the tools and plugins that appeared on the Net were quickly blocked by the movie service. However, in 2016 Netflix made it possible to download videos for some time. Unfortunately, most parts of the movies and TV series are not available for saving. Those that you can save can be found in the “Available for Download” section. There is one thing to keep in mind here.  If you download on an Android phone, the Netflix app should be installed on an SD card memory.  The app downloads movies to the same memory device that it is installed on. You can’t extract these movies or burn them to DVD.

Thus, to save any Netflix movie or series, there is only one way to go. You will have to capture Netflix video and then convert it to a basic video format: to DVD, for mobile, for a tablet, etc.

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How to Capture Netflix on Windows PC?

To screen capture Netflix on your Windows computer, you need an appropriate tool. Of course, there are paid solutions, such as, for example, Audials Moviebox, but do not waste money. There are free utilities available. Let’s have a look at CamStudio.

Download and install the software from the official website. Please don’t install CamStudio from third-party web platforms. Launch the tool and in the panel at the top of the software click the Region menu and select Full Screen.

It is also necessary to change the audio parameters since CamStudio does not record sound by default. Click Options and select Record audio from speakers (you may see a window that reports the problem, but do not worry about it).

Go to Options → Program Options → Minimize program on start recording to minimize the program window before recording automatically.

Now select a video format for your future movie. There are two options available: AVI and SWF. Please note that by default the software uses 200fps for AVI files. We recommend changing this parameter to 60fps or lower otherwise your movie will occupy too much space on a hard drive. With the red button, enable the recording in the program, then enable the video playback from Netflix on the full screen in the browser. When finished, go to CamStudio and press the blue square button.

Then, in the window that appears, select the location for a movie file and its title.

Unfortunately, it’s not a speedy way to rip Netflix movies since you will have to watch it until the very end. Besides that, don’t forget to turn off all the messengers and other tools that may send you a notification to prevent them from appearing in a streaming movie.

How to burn Netflix videos to DVD free?

When your movie is recorded, it’s high time to learn how to convert Netflix videos to DVD to enjoy them on a big screen. To do it, you will need to download and install one more tool, free Freemake Video Converter. It will allow you to convert any Netflix video to DVD in a couple of easy-to-do steps.

The first thing to do is to install the tool. Like the previous utility, Freemake Video Converter can be installed on computers running Windows. There is no Mac or Linux version.

When you are done with the installation, run free Freemake Video Converter. Click File – Add video…and select your Netflix video from a folder. You can also click the +Video button at the top of the tool or drag-n-drop your Netflix video files.

In case you need to cut some film parts, click on the green scissors to run a built-in editor. Then set the beginning and the end of a part that you want to remove. Click the middle scissors to delete it. Repeat the same steps for other undesirable parts.

As soon as you finish with editing, click the OK button. Then pay attention to the bottom of Freemake Video Converter. Click to DVD green bubble.

In a new window, set a DVD menu and select if you want to burn Netflix film on a mini, a standard or a double-layer DVD. Then choose between PAL and NTSC options.

Finally, insert a blank DVD-RW into your DVD drive and click the Burn button to start recording Netflix to DVD. When the process is completed, the DVD will be extracted automatically. If necessary, you can burn a copy of the disc right away. The software will offer you to do it. You will only need to insert another blank disc and click OK.

This is how you can save Netflix videos and record them to DVD. If you know more ways to rip Netflix videos, please share them in comments below.

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