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Apps Like Spotify: 10 Free Alternatives

Before heading towards knowing the best 10 Spotify Alternatives, We should learn what Spotify actually is. Spotify was launched on 7th October 2008 as a podcast, music, video streaming service. Many users of Spotify enjoy the services to their heart’s content and find this app very helpful. But, now the question arises: why do we need alternative apps like Spotify?

Spotify recently announced many changes to its service of free music streaming, which prevents users from listening to their favorite tracks for their desirable time. The main reason behind this is funneling users towards the Spotify’s premium service which offers mobile access, higher quality streams and removes all forms of advertising.

Many members who enjoyed the free version of Spotify find their experience limited and thus find for alternatives where they can enjoy their favorite tracks for free. So, You don’t need to worry more because today you’re going to know about the best alternatives to Spotify.

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Top 10 Free Apps Like Spotify in 2018

1. We7

We7 is an app which holds the 1st position because it operates as a browser-based music streaming service and it allows unlimited playback of tracks but with advertising which is limited. We7 has offered consistent new features, specifically for mobile devices, which enables a free personal mobile radio service which is known as Radio Plus.

This service allows its users to enjoy a variety of similar acts and too you can store music to play offline on your android. We7 also offers a premium service which removes advertisements and allows streaming to mobile devices.

Download We7

2. Grooveshark

Grooveshark has listed in this article od best 10 apps like Spotify because mainly it relies on users who upload tracks to Grooveshark instead of providing the music tracks itself.

Music services recently issued notices to the company, which leads the removal of iPhone and Android apps from Google’s and Apple’s marketplaces.

It’s surprising that Grooveshark streams 50+ million songs in a month to more than 5million users. It also offers premium features for removing ads and allows streaming on Blackberry, Palm and Nokia Devices.

Download Grooveshark

3. Deezer

Deezer service operates out in Paris, France and offers free music streaming. It is playing host to more than 15 million members and 7 million tracks. Deezer also provides applications for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Android devices.

This spotify alternative app also works as a music community which allows its users to create blog pages in which playlist can be hosted on their own or other members. One more feature of Deezer is that its users can make friends, send direct messages and catch up on the latest news of music on the website.

Download Deezer

4. is probably known by all of the music lovers which is the reason it is on this list of top 10 best apps like Spotify. It offers its users radio streams which are personalized but too a music recommendation system through its AudioScrobbler feature. host an exclusive number of 40 million members and offers over 7+ million music tracks across whole 190 countries. Users aren’t allowed to play their favorite individual tracks, instead, it allows you to choose genres or artists that they desire to listen to, which enables the service to build playlists that fit with user’s tastes.Only the users outside the US, UK or Germany need to pay a small subscription to enjoy the radio feature.


5. mflow

Now, we have mflow next on our list which not only is a music streaming app that promotes free streams but also it is the great platform to download all of your favorite tracks. mflow is a UK based startup which focuses on the social elements in the field of music sharing which means it encourages its users to share the music tracks they love listening to their friends and also get recommendations back in the way.

All the tracks are powered by HTML5 website, and too its downloadable application, which enables you to download tracks free, tag bands and tracks, offering users to promote the acts they love so that they don’t have to pay for it.

6. Rdio

Rdio is currently available to users living in the Us and Canada. It is a service which is very slick and works within the browser, across numerous smartphone platforms and natively on the Mac. It also features an application ‘Air’ which works across many platforms plus there’s a Windows client coming soon.

Though now the service is limiting the number of signups which means you need to apply registration to receive an invite to Rdio, but the feedback clearly suggests that soon Rdio will be forced to open up their doors fully for their users.

Download Rdio

7. Napster

Napster is a huge and gigantic resource of music streaming which offers its users worldwide to enjoy their favorite songs wherever they go. It is available for many kinds of operators like iOS, Windows Phone and Android to be mentioned.

This app delivers an excellent collection of music tracks that enables us to listen and enjoy the music that we love and also save the music on our devices to enjoy the great music galleries the tend to offer.

Download Napster

8. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is also on the list of top 10 apps like Spotify because it enables its users to store music they already have – up to 50 thousand songs. If you have a proper Internet connection, you can use it anytime. But, Google music needs you to sign-up for a $10 per month plan to get full access to the rest of the music streaming features.

Spotify doesn’t allow you to purchase and download music onto your personal computer and this is something that Google music allows. Google Music store helps you with the licenses and copyright coverage and this is an offer many Spotify users cannot enjoy.

Download Google Play Music

9. Tidal

Tidal is another app which is being shaped to be an app in the same league as the other music streaming devices are. Tidal is owned by rapper Jay Z and is developed to enables a music streaming option which tends to favor artists.

Tidal is making quite an impression by providing a library of over 25,000,000 songs and streaming more than 75 thousand music videos that too in high definition and excellent video content which is not easily available anywhere else. To enable a premium quality streaming facility. Tidal only offers to paid app users with many subscription options ranging from $10 -$20 a month.

Download Tidal

10. Slacker

Slacker Radio is the original proper name of the app. Well, this app doesn’t have real radio stations but it offers the feel of the real radio station by offering you to assemble exclusive playlists and even write comments in between of the songs.

You can listen to your favorite music tracks and use its feature music on-demand once you chose the paid subscription.

Download Slacker Radio

10 Best Spotify Alternatives for Free

So Here’s the final list of Best Spotify Alternatives for free. Make sure to check all of them.


  1. We7
  2. Grooveshark
  3. Deezer
  5. mflow
  6. Rdio
  7. Napster
  8. Google music
  9. Tidal
  10. Slacker

There are still numerous different music streaming sites, some of them I haven’t listed in this article but they are worth being mentioned. Pandora is the most famous alternative to Spotify but currently its only available in the US.

Spotify is gonna be the priority for many of you but these alternatives are for those people who are irritated with Spotify’s statistics.

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