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How To Download Audio, Songs & Videos From Tumblr

Need to download Tumblr audio or videos?

Do you use Tumblr? Ever wondered how to save your favorite songs or videos from Tumblr. Well, Tumblr doesn’t allow users to directly download songs from its website due to privacy issues. But there are many indirect methods by which you can easily download songs from tumblr. In this article, we are listing 3 methods by which you can easily download songs (audio) as well as videos from Tumblr.

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Oath Inc.. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short form Blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. For bloggers, many of the website’s features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface.

As of August 1, 2017, Tumblr hosts over 359 million blogs. As of January 2016, the website had 555 million monthly visitors. Tumblr is a free to use web app and is almost used by people of all age groups. Everyone from politicians to celebrities, business Peoples to teenagers everybody use Tumblr.

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Features of Tumblr

Tumblr is a great choice for people who just want to post small articles or multimedia files from their mobile phones. Those people who don’t want to write large content and doesn’t want big blogs prefer Tumblr for their small contents due to its high popularity and larger community than most of the other microblogging sites. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

On this site, people share images, texts, audio and videos with others. Tumblr allows people to post audio and video but it doesn’t allow users to download videos because of the privacy policies.

How to Download Songs from Tumblr

We are listing down three methods by which you can easily download audio as well as Videos from Tumblr:-

1. By using Tumbloader App for Tumblr

You can download it from here:- Timbloader for Tumblr

This android app is easy to use and is very effective. To download any song or video from Tumblr with the help of Tumbloader follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Open Play Store and download Tumbloader for Tumblr. Direct Play Store link for the following app is given above. This is an android app through which a Tumblr user can easily download songs and videos by simply sharing the songs from the official Tumblr app to this application.

Step 2:- Now open the official Tumblr app and navigate to the audio or video which you want to download. Note that this method is only on Android. So you have to navigate in Tumblr official android app.

Step 3:- Click on share of that particular audio or video and select Tumbloader to open it from the list. This will open the particular audio or video in Tumbloader android app which will help you to save it.

Step 4:- Let the information to load. After all the information of the audio or video you shared is loaded, click on download button at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on download button, you download will start automatically in the notification bar.

You can even browse the downloaded song in the app offline view page.

Same steps can be followed to download a video (.mp4 file)

2. How to Save or Download Audio from Tumblr On PC

Note:- This method is only for Google Chrome users for now.

Step 1:- Open Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2:- Click on Customize button (3 vertical dots below the Close button) in the browser. Move the mouse pointer over More Tools and click on Extensions. A new tab will be opened.

Step 3:- In the new tab, click on ‘Get more extensions’. A whole new tab will be opened of Chrome Web Store.

Step 4:- Search for Tumtaster and then Click on Add to Chrome and then on Add Extension from the Pop-up Window. TumTaster extension will be installed on your browser. Now restart your browser.

Step 5:- Now all you have to do is open Tumblr’s website and navigate to your music which you want to download.


Step 6:- Click on TumTaster icon and it will show all the music present on the page. The Tumtaster extension is in left side of the customize button (the 3 vertical dots button).

Step 7:- Click on the download button before the song name in the TumTaster extension you want to download. A new tab will be opened with black screen and a music player at the center.


Step 8 :- Right click on the black screen and click on Save as from the list.

Step 9 :- Enter the name by which you want to save the mp3 file and click ok. Your song will be saved.

3. Get Tumblr Audio using Inspect element (Pc) (Chrome users Only)

Here is another simple method to get Audio from Tumblr.

Step 1:- Open Tumblr and browse the audio or video you want to download.

Step 2:- Now don’t scroll the screen. Right-click anywhere on your screen and click on Inspect, or you can press (Ctrl + Shift + I).

Step 3:- Go to Networks Tab.

Step 4:- Now all you have to do is Play the video or audio you want to download for a couple of seconds. Then pause it again. In the filter bar, type mp3 if you are downloading an audio and mp4 if you are downloading a video.

Step 5:-  Double-click on the name of the files appeared with type media.

Step 6:- A new tab with a black screen and a media player in between will open. Right-click anywhere on the screen and click on save as.

Step 7:-  After writing the name of the media in the save as menu and clicking ok, your media will be saved.

Same steps can be followed for downloading Video too. Just instead of searching for Mp3, search for mp4 in the filter bar.

With these 3 easy steps, any audio or video can be downloaded easily from Tumblr. You can use the first method to download audio from Tumblr on Android Mobile while the other 2 methods can be used on PC.

We hope that you will not face any more issues with this.

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