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Fildo For PC: Install on Windows 10/8.1/8 for Free

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Searching for the best in the world of music? Searching for the perfect Music Streaming App? If so, this article will be very useful for all music lovers. Here in this article, we are going to talk about How you can download and install fildo for PC.

What Is Fildo?

Fildo app is an application which lets you download or stream high-quality music from all around the world. Fildo music app allows you to download the favorite music with incredible ease. It gives you access to a vast collection of music and even discographies. The music streaming app was basically launched as a native android app keeping only android users in mind. Later due to its amazing response it was developed for Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Also, it was made for iOS which let you work on iPhone and iPad too. On Windows and iOS, the app is known as “Flite Radio” (Fildo + Lite = Flite).-

What Is Fildo

Features of Fildo Application

Now you know what is Fildo and what are its uses. Here, in this section, I will tell you more about Fildo through its features. So, let’s start by listing the Fildo application features one by one.

  • Fildo music application is a lightweight application and hence do not consume too much storage.
  • Fildo application is completely free for the users for streaming and downloading various songs.
  • Searching of music can be done within a very quick span of time irrespective of any medium of search such as song title, album name, artist name, genre etc.
  • Controlling music from the notification bar is quite simple in Fildo application.
  • The downloaded music is directly saved to the device.
  • When a song is played, the sound of notification is muted so that you are free from disturbance.
  • You can see the next song coming up on the screen of the present playing song.

Here we are basically talking about Fildo for Pc. By the following article, you will get to why Fildo app is different from other music streaming app and how we can install Fildo app on our PC. So let us start with our article;

How to Install Fildo on Windows PC

Fildo currently has a huge user base and its growing like any other app we have currently seen and it has evolved into a greater event. At first, Alpha version was launched in Microsoft store and was completely tested with its massive success the next versions were launched with minor upgrades.

Methods To Install Fildo On Windows

Installing Fildo on PC has two methods:-

  • Using windows store
  • Using Bluestacks

Each method has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Anyone who is willing to install from Microsoft store will be definitely doing it so no pain at all but it works on anything that runs on Windows 10 or above.

Most of the users run Windows 7, 8or 8.1 so it isn’t suitable for everyone and in this Fildo lite only you can stream and hear the song but you can’t download it. If you are opting to use the Fildo on PC using BlueStacks then you will be able to download songs too.

Following steps are given for both methods. Choose the one which suits you.

Methods To Install Fildo On Windows PC

Download Fildo for PC from Windows Store

Here, in the first method, I will be showing you how to download Fildo for PC from the Windows Store. This application is created officially for the Windows Computer. So you will not get any bugs in it. But since it is the lite version, except some features fewer than the Android version.

Note that this application will run only if your computer runs Windows 10. If you are using any version below it, skip this method and try the next one. So let’s see what are the steps to download Fildo on your Windows 10 PC from Windows Store.

  • Install the app Flite radio from Microsoft store.
  • Now tap on the Get the app button, a popup arises, then tap on Open Microsoft store it will take you to the Store available on your PC.
  • Tap on get button and it will begin to install. Wait for few minutes to complete.
  • Then click on the Launch button to Open Flite Radio App.

And that’s it. You have successfully downloaded Fildo on your Computer. You can now enjoy streaming and enjoying music with this Flite application on your Windows PC.

Steps To Stream Music on Flite:-

Since now you have the Flite application installed on your computer, you might be wondering how to stream music on this application. Streaming on Flite can be a little different than doing that on the Fildo application for Android. So, let’s learn how to stream your favourite music on the Flite application.

  • A search bar is available, Search for the artist, or song, or album.
  • For e.g.: type “Justin Bieber” and tap to Enter. It will display the following.
  • Then Select any album or song you want. (e.g.:” let me love you”)
  • Play the song and tap on the menu on the top- left. Then tap on the Lyrics option.
  • In this tab, it will highlight the sentence that now the song is being played. More like a Karaoke styled.

The app works like magic but this is suitable for only those who want to stream and hear the song, not for those who want the song offline, you are not able to download or traverse through the song.

Steps To Stream Music on Flite

Run Fildo on Windows Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator for Pc. By this, you can run any android app successfully on your PC. You just need to download the app and install it on the emulator. Bluestacks emulator is very useful for those who are a game enthusiastic person. It provides 6 times faster gaming performance than any mobile device. All the mobile games and the applications can be downloaded and used from the desktop with ease. It gives exactly the same full-screened view as you see on your android device like tablets. First, you need to learn how to download and install Bluestacks on your Computer.

Installing Bluestacks on Windows PC

Firstly I will show you how to download and install Bluestacks emulator. Follow the steps below for the same-

  • Open your favorite browser and search “Download Bluestacks Offline Installer” or simply click the link Download Bluestacks.
  • Select the operating system from the options provided (Windows 32bit, Windows 64 bit, MAC).
  • Select the Android Architecture from the options provided (Android 32 bit, Android 64 bit).
  • Click “Download”. You may directly click “Download Bluestacks” if you are not aware of your Android Architecture specification. It automatically detects the operating system and downloads the emulator accordingly.
  • Click “Run” and start the installing process.
  • Click “Install Now” from the Bluestacks Installer. If you want a specific location for the application click “Customize Installation”, specify the location and start the installation.
  • Click “Complete” for finishing the installation process.

HURRAY! You have successfully installed Bluestacks emulator. Now you need to download Fildo App for listening to the best quality music.

Installing Fildo on Bluestacks

After the successful installation on Bluestacks on your computer. Now is the time to install and run the Fildo application on it. To successfully download and install Fildo on your Bluestacks emulator follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Firstly ensure that your PC has enough space to download this app.
  • Launch the BlueStacks on your PC, if you are using it for the first time, Sign in with your Google id.
  • Open the browser using BlueStacks (Not from the desktop) and download the Fildo APK file.

browser on bluestacks

  • Click the APK icon on the left sidebar of BlueStacks; you will see all the list of all the downloaded APKs.
  • Double click the Fildo APK.
  • Click Install on the next prompt.
  • The installation process will begin and the app will be installed on your PC within few seconds.

By using this method you can easily install any android app (In this case: Fildo) on your Pc and run it successfully.

Fildo on Windows Using Bluestacks

Download Fildo for Windows Using Nox App Player

Another Android emulator that lets you use Fildo for Windows is Nox App Player. It is also a famous emulator for its amazing interface. Unlike Bluestacks emulator, Nox App Player is more bug-free emulator. This emulator is compatible with all versions of windows. Shaking feature for games like Subway surfers, temple run is also available in the Nox App Player.

You need a minimum space of 2 GB RAM, at least 1GB graphics cards and 2.2GHZ processor for downloading and installing Nox App Player without any error. Nox app player is designed on the basis of Android 4.4.2 kernel. This emulator is compatible for x86 based PC and AMD processor.

  • First, you need to download the Nox app player from its official site. You may download online as well as an offline version of the emulator. The online version will notify you the update every time there is a change. The offline installer will not use internet connection for installing the emulator.
  • Wait for its downloading to complete and then begin with its installation by clicking on the icon.
  • After the installation of Nox android emulator software, Launch it.
  • After launching the software, you will see the Google Play Store shortcut on the home page of the app. Click on it.

playstore on nox app player

  • Search for the Fildo using the search bar of Google Play Store.
  • Select the app.
  • Now finally click on Install button and your installation will begin. Launch it and use it.
  • Now you can enjoy streaming music using Fildo on your PC all due to the Nox app player.

Hurray! you have successfully learner running Fildo application on your Windows PC using the Nox App Player emulator.

Fildo for Windows Using Nox App Player

Start Using Fildo On Windows PC

This is it! You can now use Fildo application without any problems right on to your Windows PC. You can now enjoy great music through Fildo from PC, stream or listen to music or download it or search for lyrics, etc. so here is your perfect streaming app.

So that’s the end of this article. If you are having any difficulty or queries or doubts regarding any of the methods mentioned above. Feel free to mention them in the Comments Section below. I’ll be more than happy to help you with it. Now you don’t have to search anymore ‘<strong>How to install Fildo for PC</strong>’ on the Internet.

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