How to Watch TV Series on Netflix: Cost & Plans

Netflix is gaining huge popularity these days for its database containing billions of TV series and movies. It is growing and proving its demand as an industry leader. Undoubtedly, with its million of subscribers and the enormous library, it is the best streaming site. It offers the best user experience with original content and easy to use interface. Netflix is a site that features streaming of movies and TV series legally.

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We all know that more than watching TV these days streaming is the top choice of all. Streaming makes it easy for you to carry your favorite stuff on mobile devices or laptop. And with Netflix as the best streaming video site by your side you need think no more. With excellent picture and audio quality and the right set of the device, Netflix makes you most comfortable streaming videos. Connect your TV to Chromecast and make streaming more fun. So watch TV series on Netflix and enjoy unlimited streaming.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix, the undisputed king of online streaming of videos, uses more global bandwidth. As long as you have a strong internet connection you can easily watch all the TV shows and movies without even downloading it. You just have to pay a monthly subscription, and you can begin watching the whole of TV series and movies on your portable devices at your own pace. Since Netflix broadcasts all the series in one go therefore you need not wait the whole week for the next episode. Netflix, the online streaming site is always up-to-date and changes its catalog frequently so that you always have something new to watch. Also, the company has recently come up with the long awaited feature that is downloading of the series and movies.

But the question is How to Watch TV series on Netflix that is an immensely popular site? And also what are the available Netflix Plans and the cost of Netflix to get access to your favorite shows.

What countries is Netflix Available?

Netflix is huge website globally and is available in all the key countries. Officially it is available in North and South America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe like Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. So if you belong to these countries, then visit Netflix. When you visit the site on the front page monthly price for your country will be available. When you go for signing up, you will get a one-month free, no-obligation trial period so that you can try the Netflix.

How to watch TV series on Netflix?

Netflix requires you to sign up and buy its monthly subscription. You will have to choose its membership plans to get access to the TV shows and movies. With its availability in 190 countries, you can get high content instantly. You get awards winning Netflix originals show, feature films, TV shows and documentaries. Then you can even play and pause, resume or forward all the TV shows without any commercials. Also, you can download your favorite TV series with the streaming links given below. The downloading of TV series and movies can be done using your iOS or Android mobile devices or even using your Windows or Mac PC. By downloading the available TV shows, you can watch them later in spare time or without an Internet connection. The Netflix app sometimes comes preloaded in certain devices, and its functionality depends on different devices.

So follow these straightforward and easy steps to get started with Netflix-

Step 1- Firstly; choose the membership plan that suits you the best. Go to Member Sign in.

Step 2- Then create an account by entering the email address and generate a password.

Step 3- Now enter the payment method to get access to all single episodes. This can be done after when your free trial period ends.

Step 4- That is all now you can stream all the TV shows.

After when you log in to your Netflix account after signing up, you have to choose your profile. The profile here is password locked to avoid people from stealing the account. This will also prevent your kids watching things something that is not appropriate. You can also choose for dedicated kids profile that filters inappropriate content.

Netflix Streaming Plans

Netflix offers three basic streaming plans choosing which will determine the number of devices that Netflix will allow streaming at one time.

  • Basic Plan- This allows streaming TV shows and movies on a single device at an SD time. With this scheme, you can also download titles to single phone or tablet.
  • Standard plan- With this scheme you can stream TV shows and movies on two devices at one time and in high definition (HD) that too. It allows you are downloading of titles to two phones or tablets.
  • Premium plan- This plan lets the streaming of TV shows and movies on four of your devices simultaneously and both in high and ultra high definition (UHD) whenever available in high quality. With this plan, you can download titles to four phones or tablets.

How much Netflix Costs?

People in earlier days were not so sure of using Netflix for the hike in the prices. But its prices are quite cool that is worth adding on after all you get access to TV shows that otherwise be not possible. With Netflix, you pay fees monthly that you can cancel anytime. This gives you unlimited access to full range of TV shows and movies. You have three different subscriptions available to choose from although the content it shares is same across all the plans.

The free different plans associated with streaming are basic, standard and premium. The plan starts with $8 which increases incrementally by $2. The standard and premium plans start with $10 and $12 respectively. With basic package, you do not get access to the HD quality videos while taking subscription under premium and standard packages will allow you are streaming TV shows on UHD and HD quality respectively. You will have to pay this respective amount every month on the same date.

Besides this, you can anytime cancel your free trial during the first 30 days so that you never get charged. In case you do not cancel you will not charge till the free trial period ends. Once you become the member of Netflix, you will have to pay your bill once a month on the day when you originally signed up. If you do not want to continue, you can cancel anytime. Well, on the other hand, the individuals at Netflix have yet not ditched discs in general with this original streaming. Netflix also offers you with DVD and Blu-ray plans which do not include streaming access. The cost of this starts at $5 and increases accordingly. The monthly expenses of this depend on the number of discs you have checked out at a time and how much do you require per month.

So get to know how you can watch TV series on Netflix for your favorite shows and sit back in a relaxing way enjoying it and have fun.

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