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5 Ways to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Not Available in your Country

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This Video is not Available in your Country is the most common and irritating error that you come across while browsing YouTube videos. The error of “This Video is not available in your Country” appears when you try watching any foreign country video that is set to be blocked in your country.

So today I will share with you a simple Fix to “this Video is not available in your Country” error. Whenever it comes to uploading of videos or downloading any videos YouTube is the largest portal for it has the ton of databases. Though there are many online video-streaming sites, YouTube stands out of the box with billions of users. The major source of online videos, YouTube, observes blocking the ISPs of some videos of certain countries. In that case you may face issues watching your favorite content.

Why are YouTube videos blocked?

Most of us cannot go one day without YouTube because of its popularity. It is the global and free platform available for watching and sharing videos. When you upload the videos to YouTube, it tracks the IP Address knowing your geographical location and hence shows which all videos are not available in your country. Hence when you try accessing such videos, the message says “YouTube error this video is not available in your country.” Sometimes due to government orders also certain videos are not accessible in your country. For this reason, the search for how to fix this video is not available in your country YouTube has increased. So if you have queries regarding YouTube video not available, then this guide will help you to fix YouTube error-this video is not available in your country.

So if you have queries regarding YouTube video not available, then this guide will help you to fix and bypass YouTube video not available error.

Bypass “This Video is not Available in your Country” Youtube Error

When you see YouTube error “This video is not available in your country,” then you can always rely on the workarounds.

This country error on Youtube can be fixed by the following methods-

“YouTube Country Error” fix using free Browser extensions

The browsec is one such extension that will change the IP Address of your system for free. In the free version, you can choose 4 location and more locations with the premium version. In this way, you can access the videos blocked with IP Address.

Step 1- Install the Browsec extension from HERE. You can get it from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Step 2- Look for Browsec extension icon. And then click on it.

Step 3- Now enable the Privacy protection. Tap on option Protects Me.

Step 4- Now change the location. Choose the change location option for it.

Step 5- You will be allowed to choose different locations like the US.

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Not Available in your Country using Hola

YouTube error “this video is not available in your country” can be resolved using Hola extension.  Hola is a free service that allows you to overcome the geographical restrictions on the videos. It is also available as a VPN, Accelerator and Ad Blocker.

Step 1- Download the Hola Extension available for Chrome and Firefox browser. After it gets the download, activate it.

Step 2- Open You Tube. And then open the URL of the YouTube video restricted in your country.

Step 3- Look for Hola extension. And click on its icon.

Step 4- Clicking on the Hola extension will locate the flags of various countries.


Step 5- Select the United States and you will b able to watch the restricted videos.

Bypass YouTube “Video Blocked” Error by Downloading Videos

One of the simplest methods that can be used to fix “YouTube this video is not available in your country” error is by downloading the restricted video. YouTube-

Step 1- Firstly you need to have the URL of the video that you wish to download

Step 2- For instance, the URL of the video is ­watch?v=abc

Step 3- Now bypass the YouTube regional filter video.

Step 4- Go to 

Step 5- Click enter, and download the video.

Step 6- You can select the desired quality and the suitable format of the video for download.

Now you can watch this restricted video in your country at pace for free. This method is to bypass blocked YouTube videos.

Unblock Country Restricted videos using VPN services

VPN is known as Virtual Private Service network and can be used to watch blocked videos on YouTube or any other site. You can use VPN to unblock the YouTube videos if restricted in your country instantly. Since the error this video is unavailable in your country occurs due to the geographical barrier, therefore, you need to switch on the device location using VPN. You get many VPNs depending on the platform you use. The users of Android can download it from the Google Play Store as well. Just switching your location using VPN service you can get access to your favorite YouTube videos without any hassle that otherwise blocked in your country.

The two best VPNs for Android are

VyprVPN: It is one the most trustworthy VPN App that is available for Android. This is safe to use that does not share your data with anybody. It allows you to change your location to about 50 server locations from anywhere in the world. You can get its free version and also get it by paying a certain amount. With the free version, the limitation is 500 MB monthly data usage while paid versions give you Pro account (15$ monthly) and Premier account (20$ monthly).

Droid VPN: another VPN app available for android that helps you fix “YouTube Not Available in Your Country” error is Droid VPN. You can Download Droid VPN  and install in your devices. This requires creating an account and entering the credential in the Droid VPN App to connect. Try changing the location if you are unable to watch the video even after connecting to VPN.

VPN For PC/Laptop 

PD Proxy: It is one of best VPN that is available for Windows. Using this, you get 100MB free usage daily with their trial account. But after when you sign up select any of Demo Server and then click on Connect. It will fix the issue of YouTube video not available. Use PD Proxy

FinchVPN: This VPN, unlike PD Proxy, gives you 3GB of free usage per account. Also if you have used free 3GB quota, then signing up for a new account will get you more GB. You can use Finch VPN from here.

Watch Blocked Youtube Videos Using Proxy Services

Proxy Services requires setting up a proxy server to get access to the content.

You can find both free and paid proxy services so choose the one depending upon on your need and the requirements. It is an effective way to fix YouTube blocking videos either by an authority or YouTube itself. Proxies act suitable changing your IP Address and hiding the real IP Address using another location’s IP Address for Unblocking Restricted YouTube Videos.

All these methods are suitable and best for “This Video is not Available in your Country” error that creates trouble while watching favorite videos. Note that these Youtube fix will work for Windows, Mac as well as Android and iOS iPhone Devices.

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