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How To Download Facebook Live Videos [3 Methods]

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Going live on Facebook and sharing your moment has become super easy these days. Just pick up your phone, go live and share your video. With so many useful videos being live on FB, People now wants to know how to download Facebook live videos.

Most of us love watching videos while on the move. However, the only thing that stops us is that these videos often take a lot of bandwidth. But then for some reason, Facebook doesn’t make it super easy to figure out how to download these videos.

We often wish to save these videos to use them on our phones or computers in one way or the other. Be it watching them in an offline mode or sharing them on other platforms like YouTube. The tricky part about saving live videos is to figure out the exact process. The process, however, doesn’t come that handy as there’s no direct download button on the Facebook for the same.

But then every problem does have a solution.

How To Download Facebook Live Videos?

So we have come up with some super easy tricks to download these FB live videos.

Here’s a step by step process to help you save all the drama to download a Facebook live video.

Download Facebook Live Videos on Mobile

So there are basically two parts of downloading Facebook live stream videos. Depending on your need, you might want to save it to your mobile phone or laptops. Mobile phones come handy and there’s this habit of carrying them all the time. People often prefer saving them to their phones so as to avail the access anytime, anywhere. In this section, we will cover some quick steps to download Facebook live videos to your mobile phone.

Download Facebook live stream videos using MyVideoDownloader

The first trick is to download them using an app called MyVideoDownloader. The app is available on Google play store for free. So here’s this quick tutorial to download Facebook live videos over your mobile phone. All you have to do is to download the app from google play store and follow the quick steps given below. So let’s start with the process.

Step 1: Open play store.

Step 2: Download the app, the link of which is given above.

Step 3: Click on login and enter your credentials.

Step 4:  Locate the video in your profile or page feed.


Step 5: Tap on the video, you will get 4 options ( Play, Download, Copy Link, Share ).

Step 6: By clicking on the ‘Download’ option we get to download the H.D. version of the live fb video. Go the settings of your app and check the box in front of the H.D. downloads. Any video which has the capability to run in an H.D. mode will download in H.D. mode while others will get downloaded in S.D. mode.

Step 7: Once the video gets downloaded, tap on the downloaded section of your app, you get to play the video.

Step 8: This video also saves to your internal memory. You can watch it using the default player or by using some video player like MX player.

This is how you can download Facebook live videos to your mobile phone or smartphone.

Well, there’s one more trick to download Facebook live videos to your phone. So if this trick doesn’t work, you can switch to the other option. Or you might use what you feel more comfortable with.

Save Facebook live stream videos on Android Phone

This trick won’t use any dedicated Facebook downloader, but it does use the File downloader of your android phone. Let’s look at the step by step process.Here we go!

Step 1: Go to the google play store and download Advanced Download Manager.

Step 2: Once you’re done with downloading the app, open your Facebook account in a browser.

Step 3: On your timeline locate the video that you probably wish to download.

Step 4: Now tap on video, and pause the video for a while. Now copy the URL for the page showing this video.

Step 5: Then copy the URL and go to the app. Press the icon on the top left corner of the app.

Step 6: Tap on the browser option down there and paste the URL on the top.

Step 7: Then Press the download icon at the bottom.

Step 8: Again open the link on the browser and tap on the video, it will give you a download option.

Step 9: Then once downloaded you can play the video anytime, anywhere.

So that’s how you can download Facebook live videos to your Android mobile phone. But then there are times we would like to do it over a laptop or a computer. There’s a whole new process to it. Facebook doesn’t let you figure out an easy gateway to it. However there’s still an option which makes it quite simple to download it over your laptop.

How to Download Facebook live video on Laptop or PC

The process involves a little trick but gets our work done. Let’s check out how to save Facebook live videos on your laptops in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open a browser.

Step 2: Open your Facebook account.

Step 3: Then locate the video on your timeline or page feed that you wish to download.

Step 4: Then click on the three dots in right most corner of the video.

Step 5: You will see, there’s no option like download video. That’s where we need to use the trick.

Step 6: You will find an option “save video”. Tap on the save video option.

Step 7: Then go to your page feed and below the Facebook icon, find the saved option.

Step 8: Then and there you find the saved video click on its link.

Step 9: Having clicked on the link, tap the “play” option.

Step 10: Make it a mobile video feed by deleting “www” and replacing it with “m” instead.

For example:


After changing:


Step 11. Now, play the video. Then right-click and you will find an option ‘save video as’. Save the video to the desired location over your laptop or computer. Your video is now ready to play. So these are some quick and easy steps help you download Facebook live videos and access them anytime and anywhere.

That’s how you can save a Facebook live video to your phone, PC and laptops.

Having shared these tricks and tips, I hope you are all set! You can now download FB live streaming videos over both, be it your mobile phone or your laptop. Either way, you have variations that you can choose from. So come up choosing the option that can work for you.

So what do you think? Which one seems to work for you? Drop me a comment below for what you find the easiest way to download Facebook live videos. So, I hope this quick tutorial helped you saving Facebook live videos and sharing you content with more people across different platforms. Thank you for giving it a read. For more such articles keep visiting us.

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