Upcoming iOS 14: Confirmed Features Based on Latest Leaks

Every year, Apple comes up with new software updates. Likewise, this year in June, the company opened up about all the new exciting features, that the update will provide. The general expectation from all-new iOS 14 is to give some appreciable changes like focusing on bug fixes and stability improvements. With all of its fancy features, it is definitely making us wonder how it’s going to make the overall iPhone experience better than before.

Let’s just have a closer look at all the new additions and improvements that the update will be bringing.

iOS 14 New Features

  • Find “My Other Devices”

This has to be one of the coolest features out of all the updates. Now you are no longer restricted to find only apple devices with your iPhone. Now it will be possible for you to find non-apple devices with this amazing app.  Moreover, installing a cell phone tracker app will help, in case you lose your phone. As these cell phone trackers have now more vast applications and specifications than the previous ones. They will help you load in finding your device.

  • Widgets

ios update

Previously, Widgets were only limited to Today View. But with this update, you can freely add the widgets to the home screen, and they can exist just like other apps. Not only you can add it to the home screen but you can also resize it according to your needs. You can make the size to small, medium, and large depending upon the information you want to read at a glance. Moreover, if there is a cluster of apps you can also stack widgets on one another.

  • New Fitness App

Apple has always been a company that tends to focus a lot on health and fitness apps. So, here it is back with another advanced fitness app. But this time it has much more to give to its users. Not only the app will keep a track of your health, but also offers you guided workouts which also includes dancing. This is an amazing feature especially for all the fitness freaks out there.

  • Enhancement in Privacy

iOS 14 is coming up with an array of additional features that will help to improve your privacy. For Instance, all apps have to take permission from the user before tracking users. Also, whenever an app asks for location, it will give an approximate location rather than granting the exact location.

  • Messages

At first glance, you might not be able to find any differences in the messaging app. But there are many under the hood improvements that you will find once you start using it. Now, you can pin up to nine messages at the top of your messages list. You can also mention someone in the group chat. Additionally, if you have muted a group and someone mentions you, you will get notified. You can also set emojis or images as group photos.

Dozens of more specifications are yet to be discovered. This update will surely change the usage pattern of iPhone users, making it a lot easier. Moreover, the upcoming iOS 14 is compatible with iPhone 6s and later. However, for now, the update is available only for developers and public beta testers.

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