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9 Best Paranormal Apps for Android and iOS

Discovery of smartphones was an intelligent work of science, but these science originated devices may have certain applications that are proved to be paranormal. Sounds interesting ? Yes it is, and scary too. So, here we will present to you the 9 Best Paranormal Apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. Hold your heart strong while reading.

What are Paranormal Apps?

These are the applications specially designed to detect any supernatural or paranormal activity going around you. Some of them are merely to prank your friends while some may help you to get a horrifying yet thrilling experience. Paranormal apps turn you smartphone into a investigator’s device that lets you detect and capture the paranormal phenomenons happening. If you are supernatural activities enthusiast, read this article carefully and embark on an adventure to find ghosts near you.

9 Paranormal Apps for Android & iOS

So here’s the list of Top 9 Free Paranormal Apps for both Android and iOS!!

1. Ghost Observer

Ghost observer is a great paranormal app with very good and unique tools. This app allows you to detect and observe supernatural activities around you. It has pretty advance technology to detect, calculate and record paranormal activities on your smartphone. App lets you to easily interact with the spirits nearby.

As each ghost possess its own electro magnetic signs, this app has listed all of them so that you can easily detect the characteristics and history of the ghost. It also has an option to record activities of the spirits and ghosts on your smartphone using its camera. The app is completely free and available for both android & iOS users.

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2. Ghost Radar ®: Classic

Ghost Radar ®: Classic is a one of the most popular and simple apps available for both android and iOS users. The app uses sensors and technology of the device to detect any supernatural activity. The most unique feature of this app is that it cannot be fooled by simple burst of energy while other such apps are easily fooled. This app is able to analyze interesting sports and distinguish them into separate categories. As when you are searching a voice, the app can inform you about the supernatural activities around it. However, all the findings cannot be justified scientifically, but that is not a problem as science knows  very little about ghosts.

Some of these findings can simply be considered as the real-life experiences. Basically, this app is just for fun. The user interface may look tricky and difficult to use but as you progress to use this app, you wouldn’t have any problem. This app is for those who prefer classic elements while using a Paranormal application.

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3. Paranormal EMF Recorder

Paranormal EMF Recorder is another very popular and free to use app available for both andorid & iOS users. The app allows you to detect and investigate any paranormal or supernatural activity going around you. This app works on the principal of Electromagnetic Field (EMF). App allows you to detect and monitor the EMF via your smartphone.

This is a great and professional paranormal investigation app to hunt ghosts and detect the supernatural activities around you. If you don’t fear ghosts, you should probably install and use this app at least once.

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4. Ghost Radar ®: Legacy

Ghost Radar ®: Legacy is the upgraded version of Ghost Radar ®: Classic with many better advancements. This app is designed to detect paranormal activities around you by analyzing various readings on your smartphone. The app is able to translate the detected energy into words and, further translate it into numbers and indicators.

The results can also be displayed graphically. Also, the app has a very good user interface for advance users. The settings are also more advanced and improved so that app becomes more convenient for you. App supporting  multiple languages is a great bonus too. When you launch the app, you will go straight to the settings screen. There you will have to set up some option and then you can start your investigations. Try this app and enjoy detecting spirits.

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5. Ghost Sonar

Ghost Sonar is a popular and amazing paranormal app for both android and iOS users. This app is good to go for both professionals and beginners. This app allows you to detect paranormal activities nearby you easily. It works via the sensors of your smartphone to locate spirits and ghosts near you. App provides accurate ghost results on your smartphone using the speakers of your smartphone. Accuracy of the results is gained by working on the EVP signals. While using speakers, you will also get audio signals of ghosts. Be a professional ghost hunter and meet hundreds of spirits by installing this app in your smartphone.

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6. Ghostcom Ghost Communicator

Ghostcom Ghost Communicator is a wonderful and popular paranormal app present on both android and iOS platforms. The app allows you to transmit and receive messages from the spirit or ghost nearby. It is easy to use for beginners also.

You simply have to place your finger on the screen to communicate via the messages. App works even better in spooky nights like Halloween when several spirits and ghost are fully active. Beware, some of them are sheer evil though. You can also use this app to investigate the appearance of ghosts and spirits around you. App also enables in identifying other supernatural activities going around you. All in all, app is a must try if you are a thrill lover.

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7. Ghost Detector

Ghost Detector is a free and popular ghost hunting and paranormal investigation app available on both android and iOS platforms. This app will help you in detecting ghosts and spirits near you. It has a good user interface so app is very simple to use for almost anyone. You can simply read the instructions present on your screen, follow them wisely and use the app without any problem.

The app detects paranormal activities with the help of electromagnetic field (EMF/EM Field). A temperature meter is also available in the app to measure temperature. Supernatural activities often prefer colder temperatures, so try using this app there. The app is completely free to use. You can try this app if you don’t fear ghosts.

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8. Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools is yet another great paranormal app present for both android and iOS users. This app allows your smartphone to easily detect and hunt ghosts or spirits. It works on the variety of sensors present in your smartphone and gives you access to the EMF meter and EVP detectors which further help you to detect and hunt spirits.

This App captures pictures of ghosts and also record their sound in different audio effect settings and file formats, so that you can  listen their voice on your smartphone anytime. App is a must-stay-away for people with a weak heart. Things may get really scary !

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9. Ghost Detector Camera

Ghost Detector Camera is an absolutely amazing paranormal app available on both android and iOS platforms. It is a very popular paranormal app to know about the spirits living around us. This app allows you to know about the ghosts in your house, if any is present there. You can easily capture a picture of the ghost and spirit with the camera of your smartphone using this app.

This app is pretty easy because of a cool user interface. App also helps you to learn how the ghost came, from where the ghost came and most importantly, why it came. Another great feature is that you can get a 3d picture of the spirit living in your house comfortably. The app is best for people who truly desire to encounter ghosts. And for those who are afraid of them, stay away from the app.

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List of Ghost Hunting Apps

So here’s list of all ghost hunting paranormal apps that we mentioned above.

  • Ghost Observer
  • Ghost Radar ®: Classic
  • Paranormal EMF Recorder
  • Ghost Radar ®: Legacy
  • Ghost Sonar
  • Ghostcom Ghost Communicator
  • Ghost Detector
  • Ghost Hunting Tools
  • Ghost Detector Camera

That’s it guys.

Try these free paranormal apps and wander into the spooky world around you to fill the thrill in your life. Remember, just like humans, ghosts also don’t like unnecessary annoying. Enjoy meeting them folks. Hope you got what you were looking for.

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