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5 Ways to Fix iPhone Won’t Connect to iTunes Error

Sometimes when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and try opening iTunes, it won’t show up your iPhone. Connecting your iPhone to open iTunes raises various different kind of errors while transferring the data, updating firmware or while doing a simple syncing job. The worse of all is definitely an error that says iPhone won’t connect to iTunes.

There can be lot more reasons behind this error that may include cord going broken or maybe some drivers are not updated. Well, you might have definitely tried many fixes that may include closing and reopening iTunes, checking your cable works or not and trying plugging and unplugging again. But if it is still not connecting and showing iPhone won’t connect to iTunes then you must definitely try the ways mentioned here.

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Reasons Why iPhone Won’t Connect to iTunes

One of the most common reasons that your computer and iPhone or iPad aren’t showing compatibility with each other is maybe because of the hardware. You can try cleaning all of your ports as dust and debris may stop technology from working.

Another reason why your iPhone won’t connect to iTunes is that the device driver isn’t working properly. So you can once check or update your driver software and also try getting an MFi certified cables to solve the issue manually.

How to Fix iPhone Not connecting to iTunes error

So here are 5 ways that you can try to solve the problem iPhone Cannot Connect to iTunes Error. 

1. Disable Restrictions to Fic iPhone won’t connect to iTunes error

Sometimes the data from iPhone cannot sync to iTunes because of some restrictions set on your iPhone. To disable those restrictions follow the steps-

Step 1- Go to Settings icon on your iPhone

Step 2- Then tap on General.

Step 3- Go to select Restrictions option. Choose Disable Restrictions.

This is the easiest way that you can try out and is likely to work for you.

2. Update iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac

The other fix that you can try is to update the iTunes to its latest version. You can check for the available updates on your PC. You can even try updating your iOS to the latest software.

Step 1- Firstly launch iTunes on your PC or Mac.

Step 2- Then click on iTunes in the Menu bar.

Step 3- From the list of options select Help.

Step 4- Now click on the option Check for Updates.

Step 5- Follow the prompts or instructions as given on screen to install the latest version of iTunes.

This will fix your issue in no time and will not interrupt you again with the same error.

3. Update Device Driver to Fix iPhone Won’t connect to iTunes Problem

The problem of device drivers is associated generally with Windows users. A device driver is basically the program that tells Windows how to interact or connect with the hardware connected to your computer.

If the iPhone driver isn’t working properly, your computer will not know how to communicate with your iPhone, and hence it won’t show up in iTunes. Follow the method to do so-

Step 1- Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2- Once you have connected the iPhone then the first thing you need to do is open Device Manager. You will find this option in the Control Panel.

Step 3- You can also click on the search bar and then find the Device Manager option.

Step 4- After that open the Device Manager. Look for the Universal Serial Bus controllers and then click on the small triangle icon just right to it. You will see a drop-down menu where you should see Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers.

Step 5- If you do not find it then choose the option of Update Driver Software.

Step 6- Click on Browse for driver software on your computer to find the compatible software.

Step 7- Once you have found the software right-clicking on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver you found. You will now see two options: Search automatically for updated driver software and Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 8- Click on Search automatically for updated driver software. The Windows will begin searching the internet for finding an updated version of the driver.

Simply follow the instructions and your drivers will get updated. Now you can try reconnecting your iPhone to PC to open iTunes.

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4. Manually reset your privacy and location permissions

When you connect your iPhone or iPad to a new computer it generally asks you to choose the option to trust it or not. In case you might have accidentally hit the “Don’t Trust” when the request would have been pop up. This can make iTunes not recognizing your device. In general, you can try connecting and reconnecting your iPhone to Pc but even if that does not occurs then try these steps out-

Step 1- Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2- Tap on General. Then tap Reset.

Step 3- Further click on tap Reset Location & Privacy.

Step 4- Now Enter the passcode of your iPhone when prompted.

Step 5- Tap Reset Settings icon.

Once you have completed the steps as mentioned then you will no longer be interrupted by the same error again.

5. Fix iPhone won’t connect to iTunes Windows 10 Error by Reinstalling iTunes

One method that is sure to work for you is reinstalling the iTunes software on your Windows PC and Mac.

Step 1- Quit iTunes and then disconnect iPhone from the computer.

Step 2- Uninstall iTunes.

Step 3- In next step check C:Program Files and look for Common Files/Apple file folder. If the file folder exists then delete it.

Step 4- Also check for C:UsernameUserAppDataLocalApple and Apple Computer and C:UsernameUserAppDataLocalLowApple and Apple Computerfile folders. If the file folders exist, delete them.

Step 5- Look for next folder named as C:UsernameUserMy MusiciTunesfile folder. If this file exists too then delete it.

Step 6- After completion of the above-mentioned steps restart your computer.

Step 7- Launch the iTunes set up file to reinstall the software.

Step 8- Now connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

Step 9- Open iTunes and then see if your PC could detect your iPhone normally or not.

Apart from all this, the last method that you can try is restarting your Pc and iPhone as well so as to see if this fixes the issue.

If you have sincerely followed all the steps then it’s a great job as you will no longer see the same error. Well, all the methods mentioned above are genuine and are capable of solving your troublesome error that says iPhone won’t connect to iTunes on computer. You will be happy to see that finally, your iPhone icon is showed up in iTunes. Now you can begin syncing your phone. And for further queries feel free to write to us.

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