BB Rec Screen Recorder: Install on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

If you are Apple user then you must be well aware that recording screen of your iPhone is illegal. This proves to be one of the drawbacks for iOS users using any of the iOS devices. The lack of any inbuilt apps to record to makes it not possible for iOS users to record their iPhone/iPad/iPod’s screen. But app developers have been trying to find a workaround for this lack of feature. iOS users would be happy to know that one such amazing application BB Rec lets you record phone screen. BB Rec screen recorder app tries to trick the Airplay feature on your iOS devices that is similar to iRec and AirShou.

BB Rec lets you record the iPhone screen without jailbreaking your phone. The app was recently launched but has gained immense popularity in the market among iOS users. Using this application one can do the purpose of recording the device screen directly from this application. You need not install any third party applications. Well, on the other hand, the most common way to record the screen of your iOS device was connecting to the PC or Mac using some third party applications. This was definitely a hassle process. But BB Rec Screen Recorder for iOS devices has made this clumsy process an easy one.

BB Rec Screen Recorder

Talking about Screen Recorder, this is the facility that is must for iOS users. It is useful for many YouTuber’s and other developers. This recorder app BB is compatible with almost every version of iPhone and iOS versions like iOS 11.1, 10.3, 10.2.2, iOS 10.2 etc. BB Rec recorder offers you with plenty of awesome features. This allows you to record the best footage that looks more pleasing. You can even choose the orientation of the resulting video, either horizontal or vertical. Not only this you can even control the frame rate of the video that is being recorded via BB rec app.

BB Rec Supporting Devices

The app supports various iOS devices. It includes iPhone 4s, 5s/5c, and iPhone 6s, 7s Plus and other upcoming devices. Even all models of iPads like iPad Mini/iPad Air 2 are compatible. Talking about the versions of the iOS you can download and install the application on iOS 10.3 Beta 1, iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.1.1, iOS 9.3.5, iOS 9.3.4, and iOS 9.3.3, iOS 8 etc.

Features of BB Rec Recorder App

This amazing app comes with many highlighting features that can be summed up as-

  • It allows you to get a single shot as you can record the screen of your device for 3 hours. This seems pretty amazing.
  • It has the user-friendly interface that is pretty sleek. The dark UI that it comes up with has an amazing collaboration with a user.
  • You also get social sharing buttons pre-installed using which you can share the video directly once it gets recorded.
  • The highly appreciable interface will not let newbie stumble upon while using the app.
  • It is one of the best tool available in the market for recording activities on the screen at an ease.
  • The app is completely free to use and does not require any sign in. Install directly on the system and use it.
  • Allows easy sharing of files as you just have to drag recording and get easy access to sharing files.
  • The recording of your screen that you capture is in crystal clear clarity and supports HD.
  • The app is designed in a way that proves to be eye catchy and addicting.

Install BB Rec Screen Recorder for iOS Devices

The BB Rec app is been removed from the app store. Therefore you need to install this app using the third party application i.e. vShare. So to get this fantastic application follow the steps as mentioned below-

1. Download BB Rec without Jailbreak

Step 1- Using any other app store first download the Cydia app on your device.

Step 2- Once it is downloaded search for the vShare app in the search box. Click on the app to install the app.

Step 3- First make sure that you have installed the latest version of iOS. To make sure go to the Settings>General>Software Update. If any of the version is available then download it.

Step 4- Next step is to install vShare app for PC from the official website.

Step 5- After the successful installation of the vShare app on your PC. Connect your iOS device to your Windows/Mac with the help of a USB cable.

Step 6- Once your device gets connected to Windows/Mac. You can now launch the vShare app. Then go to Apps section in the vShare app.

Step 7- In the app section type and search for “BB Rec” app. Once you find it click on it to download.

Step 8- Wait for few minutes and the app will finally get installed on your iOS device.

So now you can record the screen and use sharing buttons you can share it with others.

2. Install BB Rec Using Cydia Impactor (Without Jailbreak)

Cydia Impactor is another great tool using which you can install this app on your device. The instructions are given here but you must remember that Windows or Mac is a must requirement for this procedure. Here you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC which already has Cydia Impactor installed.

Step 1- First check your iOS device has a recent software. If not then install the latest version iOS 11

Step 2- Download BB Rec IPA file on your Windows PC or Mac.

Step 3- Install Cydia Impactor on your Personal Computer. Connect your iPhone to it.

Step 4- Open previously installed Cydia Impactor. Drag and drop the IPA file of the recorder downloaded on your computer.

Step 5- Now log in with your Apple ID and Password so that you can download apps from the App Store.

It will take few minutes to finish the installation process. Once done you can go back to the home screen of your iOS device so as to use the screen recorder without any trouble.

3. Download BB Rec using Tutu Helper

TutuApp is actually considered the better app store then built-in Apple App Store. Here you get almost all the apps, games, tweaks, mods, etc. TutuApp is famous as Tutu Helper where you get paid apps for free on your iOS and Android devices as well. It is available in two versions one is free version named as Tutu Helper Free and the premium version known as Tutu Helper VIP.

To get BB Recorder app using this method then here are the steps to do so-

Step 1- Download the Tutu Helper VIP Version ( or a Tutu Helper Free Version on your iOS device.

Step 2- Now hit the icon. Open Tutu Helper on your iPhone. But make sure that your device is connected to the Internet.

Step 3- Using the search bar type and search for the screen recorder.

Step 4- Click on “Get” and then wait for few seconds. It will take few minutes based on your internet speed.

Step 5- Head back to the home screen on your iOS device so as to access the screen recorder.

I hope it was as easy as downloading other apps directly from the App Store.

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So that is all about the BB Rec screen recorder app for iOS devices. Now when you have seen the utility of this app and how easy is to download the application to get your screen recorded. iPhone users it is time you need not feel left out and start using this screen recorder app for it is now accessible to you as well.

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