19 Ways Smartphones Make Our Lives Better

There has been a lot of bad press about the negative effects of smartphones in recent years, but hardly enough about their benefits. Smartphone addiction is indeed real, and it is common to spot two people glued to their phones instead of talking to each other. However, if you grew up in an era when there were no smartphones, you likely know how these devices have improved our lives for the better. If used properly, a smartphone can brighten up your life in many ways. Here is a list of just how they accomplish this:

1. They keep you entertained

Whether you are on a plane, train, taxi, hotel room, or coffee shop, a smartphone can keep you entertained. There are several music apps like iTunes and Spotify that allow you to listen to music. For Apple enthusiasts, you can transfer your MP3 music collection from Mac to your phone if you know how to play MP3 on iPhone.

Also, there are several movie and TV streaming apps with lots of content to keep you entertained. Are you a gaming enthusiast? There are a large number of mobile games, and new ones are being developed daily.

2. Reach your fitness goal

Mobile phone apps can help you lead a healthier life by keeping track of your activities, sleeping patterns, eating, and heart rate. Fitness apps can also help:

  • Set fitness goals
  • Track your progress
  • Provide you with workout ideas
  • Get your diet on track
  • Keep you motivated

3. They keep you safe

Walking through a dangerous part of town is not as threatening as it used to be thanks to smartphones. Smartphones have in-built tracking devices, and you can easily be tracked if you are in trouble. There are also apps such as bSafe, that offer extra personal protection. They have features that allow your family to follow your movement live until you get home safely and an automatic alarm that goes off if you don’t check in at a specified time.

4.  They help with disabilities and illnesses

Smartphones are changing the way humans cope with health problems, from chronic illnesses to disabilities. Several medical apps help patients to manage chronic illnesses. Other apps help patients to track the pain and symptoms of their illnesses as well as manage their medications better. Additionally, there are apps for:

  • Addressing learning disabilities
  • Locating accessible restaurants and hotels in your area
  • Teaching sign language

5.    You can learn on the go

Thanks to smartphones, you can learn an online course on the go. Whether you want to learn French as a second language or a short accounting course, you can learn anywhere. You only require your smartphone and internet connection.

6.  They have made dating easier


Smartphones have changed dating from ordinary meetups in bars and restaurants to finding love on apps. A dating app on your phone makes it easy to connect with people looking for dates. Apps like Tinder and OkCupid are a quick way to find a date. Communication is simple when you have a smartphone, regardless of the distance.

You can also use the smartphone to gauge your potential date on social media. Running a simple check on someone before you go out with them is a necessary precaution when meeting with strangers.

7.  They assist in connecting remote workers

With a mobile phone, you can work remotely, just like you would in the office. You can make calls to the office, share files, attend virtual meetings and webinars, and so much more. A smartphone is an essential part of working remotely, especially if you don’t want to carry your PC around with you everywhere.

8. Shop on your smartphone

Shopping with your phone is the fastest method available. With a tap on an app, you can connect with sellers and have goods delivered to your doorstep. A mobile device makes it easy for you to check out products and even compare various offers. You can read reviews on the products before you pay for them.

9. Stay connected with friends and relatives

A mobile phone helps us stay in touch with our friends and relatives. A simple call or text message to your friend is enough to remind them that you care about them. Enhanced features such as video calls have made it even better and easier to connect with people around the world. People in long-distance relationships can also stay in touch thanks to video call and messaging apps. With a smartphone, you can FaceTime and even have a phone date.

10. Mobile banking

Mobile banking brought an end to unnecessary visits to the bank and ATMs. Thanks to banking apps, you can easily make a withdrawal or send money from your bank account without having to schedule an appointment. Additionally, mobile banking apps have customized features that allow you to save and create financial goals.

Cashless transactions are taking over, and mobile banking is one of the best ways to go cashless. In remote areas where people cannot access the banks, mobile banking makes a great alternative. Digital banking apps like Mpesa have made it possible to send and receive money through mobile phones.

11. They revolutionized photography

When buying a mobile phone, most people consider its camera features. Mobile phones now come with advanced smart cameras that enable us to take high-resolution pictures. With a smartphone, you can capture all the memorable moments with your phone camera. Smartphones also have integrated apps for picture editing, which allow you to touch up the images before you upload them to social media.

12. Useful for bookings and reservations

Through your mobile phone, you can book a trip or make a hotel reservation before you travel. All you need is to get online or on an app and make a booking. You can book and pay on the same phone app or through a website. When making a hotel reservation, you can use the phone to make a call. Restaurant websites are also easy to access with a smartphone. You can also cancel reservations comfortably without having to talk to staff.

13. Keeping up with movies

You can use your mobile phone to keep up with movies. With a single tap, you can check out movie times and even pay for a ticket. Alternatively, smartphones are a better place to receive alerts and keep up with upcoming movies. While on the go, you can plan your next date by looking up upcoming movies and making a booking.

14. Checking the weather

Thanks to smartphones, checking the weather is now more convenient. Your phone will alert you when there are expected weather changes. When preparing for your day, the weather app can help you wear suitable clothes for the weather of the day. The app delivers updates throughout the day as long as you have an internet connection. During extreme weather such as hailstorms, you can cancel all your travel plans and devise ways to stay safe.

15. Tracking your location

You can easily track your location using maps. For instance, Google Maps have replaced the need to carry paper maps. When traveling, maps are crucial, especially if you are not familiar with the area. The app will show your location and even provide information about surrounding areas. Tracking location has proven useful for keeping track of friends or children. With a simple app, it is possible to trace someone’s movements.

16. Smartphones have improved videography

You do not need high-end camera equipment as smartphones have made videography easy. With a smartphone, you can create and edit videos on the go. Remember that time Kanye West made a music video using his iPhone? Most videos people make for social media posts are shot using smartphones.

17. Connecting us to the latest news and information

With a smartphone, you can keep up with all that is happening around you by watching the news and streaming your favorite news channels. You can also receive news alerts from blogs and websites.

18. Sharing information and fact-checking

With a phone, you can share anything you want with your friends – files, photos, documents, and videos. You can also upload them to social media for your followers and friends. Through your smartphone, you can verify facts. As much as there are several alerts and news sources, you can fact check everything before you share by confirming headlines with trustworthy sources.

19. They make cooking easy

Cooking is now an easy task thanks to illustrated videos. You can follow the video and prepare the meal you have been craving for months. Apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube are useful for recipe videos. Alternatively, blogs are full of recipes that you can download and use for your next meal. With a well-written recipe, you can see the ingredients listed and the procedure for preparing your favorite meal.

Smartphones Change Lives

Smartphones undoubtedly have negative effects, but they have changed our lives for the better in many ways. Apart from helping you stay connected with family, friends, and the rest of the world, a smartphone can also help you manage an illness and keep you safe and entertained.

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