7 Best NZB Search Engines to use for Free

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The NZB search engines also known as NZB indexes are the favorite free indexer of all with open registration. If you are in the search for the 7 best NZB search engines, then you surely must be aware of Usenet. NZB is an XML-based file format that works similar to Torrent file for the media that is stored on a Usenet server. When large files are stored on a Usenet group, then it is broken into multiple segments that too with unique ID and is called as NZB file. These 7  best NZB search engines are the ones that will allow users to search for NZB files on a Usenet server of their choice along with creating NZB file.    So if you want to know which are 7 best NZB search engines here, I have listed the top NZB search engines sorted for you.


What do you mean by NZB search engines?

An NZB search index is a search engine that indexes and helps you to find NZB files. It primarily comes in three varieties that are public, open for they accept anyone as members and invite only registration where you receive an invitation from an existing member before you can join. All these 7 best NZB search engines 2017 varies in its completeness, ease of use, the range of filters, speed, and the number of searches allowed per day for free users.   The top NZB search engines are used to find files or parts of files on the Usenet and subsequently download them with the help of newsreader app. This requires to a Usenet provider for it doesn’t do much without the apps and services.

Well before I present you with the top 7 best NZB search engines let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of some of the best NZB search engines.

Advantages of popular NZB search engines

  • Using NZB Search engines, the search results you get are purely based on keywords that you have provided for searching.
  • Files that you download using the top NZB Search engines do not require to be shared after when you have downloaded them.
  • These best NZB Search Engines available allow you to search for a specific file on the whole server along with creating your own NZB file.

Disadvantage of NZB search engines

  • Use of NZB search engines to get the apt searching results is little complicated to learn.

Binsearch- Best free NZB search engines

Binsearch is one of the 7 best NZB search engines that require no registration or invitation. You get the simple and barebones interface with a search bar which makes this engine as fast and reliable search engine. The searches are limited to 400 popular newsgroups by default, but the index is updated after every 4 hours. You also get an option of advanced search that allows you to specify the subject and filename. The newsgroups can be searched and sorted by the date, poster or subjects. The advanced search option includes various experimental options,  and NFO files can be viewed in the browser even before downloading. With this one of the best NZB search engines, the results only include those parts of files where you have to check for all parts separately and then hit “Create NZB” to so as to work on the single file.

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NZB Index

Another one of the best search engines for NZB is NZB Index that is even more pleasing than  Binsearch. It is NZB search engine open source that does not even limits the searches by default to the most popular newsgroups. Hence the search results that you get are more for there is no limitation. The advanced search option that comes with the popular NZB search engines allow you to limit the age, size, poster, and groups, and filter out incomplete releases and posts without.nfo files. The popular binary groups here are listed with check boxes; therefore, you do not have to memorize the spelling of each search. NZB Index has a few advertisements littered over it but is easy to avoid. You can view the NFO files in the browser before downloading it.

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NZB best search engine invites only  GingaDADDY is yet another popular NZB search engines that require registration. It is currently opened for a limited time to new free memberships, and it allows only 3 downloads per day.   GingaDADDY, therefore, is one of the best sources for NZBs. You can filter your searches as per the number of genres, formats, age, grabs, comments, IMDb rating, IGN rating, size, and even views. The advanced search function of this does not allow the users to limit searches by size or age. It only allows the posts that include .nfo files and clicking on a search result will allow you to view images. GingaDADDY logs IP addresses so as to cut down on the duplicate account abuse.

The site features few ads, but can be avoided using paid version-

NZB Planet

NZBplanet is very popular automated indexing service that is the best search engine for NZB that comes with the handful of “VIP” features.  It can be accessed after paying a yearly $8 fee, but the registration with an email is required. The users get 5 downloads per year, and the search results can be organized by the number of hits and comments. It also gives options to view image previews, cover posters, and text from the .nfo file from the search result itself. The VIP users get full retention, unlimited downloads, watch lists and bookmarks. The RSS feed can be used to download the TV show or movie automatically using an NZB app.

Follow this best NZB movie search engine Fastest Search Engine

One of the fastest NZB search engines is which acts as a go-to index for Usenet users. It gets updated after every 15 minutes, and also you require registering using username, password and email. When you get your search results back, you can read the .   nfo files that have been included in view image previews. For those who are its free users, the download is limited to five per day. You can search by platform and file type, for instance, a specific game console, audio format, or video quality. An advanced search includes the poster, age limits, newsgroup, size limits, and . nfo files as well.

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NZB Tortuga

NZB Tortuga limits the users to one download per day NZB file and only one API call every 24 hours. It also displays advertisements and searches are returned quickly in no time. This NZB search engine open source is compatible with SABnzbd, Couchpotato, Kodi XBMC, and Sonarr etc. You can search by category that may range from console games to books. But you get no advanced search and only include results with . nfo files that have certain dates, or by the poster.  The search results can be categorized as timestamp, size, the number of files, and some comments and grabs. Using this search, you can also browse NZBs rather than simply search for them.

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NZB Club

The last NZB best search engine that has got a spot is NZB Club. It is a simple indexer with no registration. This top popular best free NZB search engine is free but its paid version is also available. Its paid version allows users opting for an HTTPS encrypted version of the site. The  Binserach and NZBIndex, on the other hand, give you this by default. It also includes limited downloads per day, and the search results also take the time to return. Thus making its function not much robust. Anyhow you can limit the results that include.nfo files that can be viewed in the browser before they get downloaded.

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You will get many best NZB search engines in the market. But all will not be able to store a lot of data. Go for top NZB search engines for specific content and results with these best NZB search engines 2017.

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