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How to View & Download Private Facebook Photos of Others

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Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site used by all. Facebook lets you connect with your long lost friends, colleagues and family members. Using Facebook is more fun when you share your photos and videos with others. After all, Facebook is not just about chatting but also showing special moments of your life. Over the time so many photos are uploaded by you. But when it comes to social media privacy is the most important factor and privacy of Facebook comes with its Privacy settings. Hence the search for how to see and save private Facebook photos is increasing.

With the use of Privacy settings of Facebook users can hide or lock their other pictures including their profile pictures from public or some specific people. People hide or make their profile pictures private along with other uploaded pictures. And this feature makes other users wonder how to see and save private Facebook photos to get access to them.

It becomes necessary to make your pictures private to avoid unknown strangers from getting access to your profile pictures including other albums. With increasing number of users of Facebook, the numbers of hackers are also increasing. However, one can still view private Facebook photos even after applying this setting. So in this article, you will learn How to see and save Private Facebook Photos even with all type of privacy settings available.

Why people make their Facebook Photos Private?

Security experts and hackers with advancement in cyber technology found a serious flaw in Facebook. This security blemish lets people see private photos on Facebook. One could get access to see locked private profile photos as well. The locked profile pictures mean that your photos cannot see in an enlarged view and high resolution. People even cannot comment on your private photos. But when security settings increase the risk of the security flaws also increases. Hence, how to see and save Private Facebook Photos is most searched query when one wants to get access to such locked profile pictures.

Facebook has common URL for photos that lets you guess the public URL of the photos that are private or locked. And by making changes in the part of URL, one can see and save private Facebook photos. Here you need to learn some basic structure of two URLs.

One URL is the short 160×160 pixel image which lets you see this on one’s timeline. The other one is the public URL of the image that is enlarged. This one is the image with the full resolution of what the owner has uploaded making it private.

So let’s begin with the guide on how to view, save and download private Facebook photos of others. There are not so many methods that will give you access to see and save private Facebook photos. But the two below mentioned methods will let you view private Facebook profile photos.

View Private Profile Pictures in Facebook

This method involves changing the structure of the URL of the locked image to see private Facebook photos.

Step 1- Go to the Facebook and log in your account.

Step 2- Go to the account or timeline of the user whose profile photo you want to see and save. This is done in the case when the other user has set its privacy settings to “Only Me.”

Step 3– Right click on the profile picture or any other photo that is hidden. Copy the URL of the image by selecting the Copy Image URL option.

Step 4- After copying URL of the desired image, paste it into the text editor like Notepad or MS Word.

Step 5– Now edit the URL of the image by removing the part that starts from “/hprofile-ak” till “160×160“. The last part of the URL will remain the same.

Step 6– Now copy the edited URL and paste the URL into the address bar. Hit enter.

Now you will get access to the full enlarged view of the private profile Facebook photos. This is the sure shot method to see and save private Facebook photos.

Download Hidden and Private Facebook Photos

This is another method to see and download private Facebook photos that users follow successfully.

Step 1–  Firstly, you need to be familiar with the User ID of the one whose profile picture you wish to view.

Step 2–  Log in to Facebook account and then visit the Profile or timeline of the individual whose profile photo you desire to view.

Step 3–  When you will view the profile photo in the address bar, you will observe the username of that person.

Step 4–  Enter the profile URL of the user whose profile picture you want to view. Then click on the Find Numeric Id.

Step 5-  Now use the User Id given here-

Now you can easily view private facebook photos of the other users of your choice and save them.

Well,  these two such methods you can follow easily and quickly. The steps are simple and you can do your job of viewing private Facebook profile or other upload photos. Try them but make sure you do on an informative basis. Follow the methods only when you have some professional purpose because otherwise peeping into someone’s account and getting access to else private photos is not permittable. The privacy features of Facebook are due to some serious matters and hence should be respected.

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