10 Facebook Contest Ideas to Boost Page Likes, Reach & Traffic

Apart from being the platform where you share your special moments, Facebook is becoming a leading brand for all kinds of business. And so if you too want to engage customers to your business online, you can run a Facebook page for it. After you become a joyous owner of a Facebook page, it is time, that you begin running a contest on these pages. This will not only drive traffic to your page but also target the correct audience and get your business started. So all those who are searching for Facebook Contest ideas, you are on the right page.

Get the 10 best ideas for Facebook contests. We are sure that these killer Facebook content ideas will help bring huge benefits to your business or fan page. So let us begin.

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10 Best Facebook Contest Ideas

Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to give your business a kickstart. And if you are in need of unique Facebook contest ideas to increase likes and reactions on Facebook, then check out these fun and creative contest ideas that are worth a try.

These contest ideas will help you increase your page likes, reviews, traffic and much more. You can even generate sales using facebook contents. So have a look at all of them.

Comment to Win Contest to Boost Likes

The first contest that you can run on your page is COMMENT to win. This contest is simple and you can implement it easily.

As we know that the Facebook algorithm gives more weight to comments than to likes, you will definitely get more traffic to your fan page. So in this contest, you can ask your followers to give a random comment or answer your question or assign your product a symbol.

Try questions like “What do you like the most about the product or what can you do to get this product?”

Or You can simply ask some general knowledge or funny question.

And to be honest with your followers you can award them gifts like

  • Tees
  • Shoutouts
  • Mugs
  • Your Product
  • Or anything that sounds attractive.

We have many more facebook contest ideas, so keep reading.

Like to Win Fb Contest

Another easy to conduct contests on a Facebook page is called like to win. You can create this contest on a regular basis to reward your fans. You can use videos, photos, links or any kind of posts to start the contest. On these posts, your fans would hit the like button and enter into the contest. The winners of the contest will then be chosen randomly.

One of the drawback that such contest face is less traction and so we would suggest that you combine it with the previous contest and indulge more audience to your page.

Contest Idea 3- Creative Photo Contest

Using photos is a great add-on to your Facebook contest and it will help you to increase likes and traffic on your page. Try to give your customers something challenging. Give them a chance to apply their creativity to your product. A great example of creative photo contest is asking your customers to either decorate your product or use it in a cool and attractive way.

And you can then reward the best entry shared on your Facebook page with some attractive prizes.

Contest Idea 4- Form Submission

Another great idea to make your customers pave their way to your site is by making them fill up forms. You can make your fans enter the contest by filling up form or making them sign up for your product or page. This is a more private way of getting the personal information of your followers and customers.

So by setting up a contest like this, you not only get the personal information and know about your potential customers but also keep the targeted audience engaged in your business.

Creative Facebook Trivia Contests to Boost Engagement

Trivia contests clubbed with prizes can get you a lot of viewers and followers. If you start a trivia contest about your product then there are chances that more people will try to know about your product and services. In hope of some prizes, your consumers and followers may increase two to three fold.

Shoot some appealing questions and offer a small prize for those who is the quickest to complete your trivia contest first.

Contest Idea 6- Video Contests

Just like the creative photo contests, you can call for creative and unique videos related to your products. So you can start a video contest where people can submit the video that they have shot themselves either using the product or talking about the product.

Reward the best submissions with a small prize. This is a fun Facebook contest idea that you can try as your product will not only get advertised but its popularity amongst the followers will also be maintained.

Contest Idea 7- Recipe Contest

This next idea for conducting Facebook contest is primarily for people owning business related to food. You can ask your followers to send their favorite recipes that include your product. Or you can even let them suggest some new flavors that they would like you to inculcate into your products. In such contests let the customers be the participants and let them only be the judges.

The best recipe or the unique flavor that gets most votes amongst the customers can be rewarded with prizes or gift hampers.

Tag-a-Friend Contest to Increase Page Likes & Comments

The best of all!!

This is another interesting contest idea for Facebook or Instagram. This is an easy way to increase the followers on your page and site. You can post a picture or a video and ask your followers to tag one or more than one friend on it. Also, don’t forget to lay some ground rules and state the giveaway timeline.

To choose the winner of the tag-a-friend contest is as easy as the game. You can randomly select the best comment on the post and award the winner with a small token of appreciation.

Caption Contest to get More Engagement

People can get very creative when it comes to captions. From their selfies to nature shots, the social media addicts try to give each and every picture a perfect caption. And so hosting a caption contest can guide a huge amount of traffic to your site. Contests like these are not only fun but also bring out the cool and creative side of the users.

The winner of the contest can either be selected by you. Or you can declare that the caption which gets the most number of likes will win an attractive prize.

Contest Idea 10- BFF of the Week Contest

The last facebook contest idea that you can try is called the Best Fan Forever. Here you ask your product fans to send in their pictures with the product. It can be a selfie or any randomly captured picture of them enjoying the product. Skittles is pretty famous for using this contest idea. The entrants send in their photos with a bag of Skittles and every week one winner is chosen.

This was the last ingenious way of running a contest on your Facebook page and popularizing your business.

Apart from these, there are various other methods that you can apply to drive traffic and engage your followers to your Facebook page. We hope that these few ideas would help you open your mind and lead to some wild imagination. If you come across some other unique idea for running the contest, then feel free to share with us.

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