Top 10 Apps Like LetGo to Sell Your Stuff

Sometimes you enter your room or your house and see many things. On one hand, you find some stuff very useful and on the other hand, you find stuff you no longer need. Well, if you have stuff that you no longer need, you should let it go. Do not worry about how can you do that. As there are apps like Letgo which allow you to get rid of such stuff and earn some bucks with it.

From selling old things you no longer need to earn some bucks, you can sell anything using apps. These apps help you to make your whole work of selling your stuff very easy. Also, all of these apps make it easy to do the listings and find the right buyer for your stuff.

Sometimes, you have a problem selling bulky and heavy stuff you don’t use but you obviously find it difficult to ship it across the country. Perhaps, all you want is someone who lives near you and comes pick it up and give you money right there.

Surprisingly, there are many great apps out there that can be used at such times. You don’t need to worry about matters like shipping cost being very high or the practicalities of getting items to their buyers, etc.

In this article, I’ll let you know about the best apps like Letgo that will help you sell your stuff without any hustle and bustle.

Top 10 Apps Like Letgo

1.  Carousell

Carousell Marketplace is a new app developed for selling stuff that acts as a community marketplace. From cars to bikes, from furniture to electronics and beauty products, you can sell almost everything using this great app.

All you need to do is post a listing along with some photos. You can do this in about 30 seconds and you can post a listing for free. Per listing, you can include up to four pictures and enhance those photos by using in-app editing features. Also, you can share listings quickly via social media by using the app.

However, the app is different from other classified apps. As in Carousell, payments aren’t made within the app. The app offers to bring sellers and buyers together so they complete the rest of the process offline and safe. You can also make payments through another service such as PayPal which makes Carousell a better flexible option.

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2. Instagram

If you notice Instagram clearly, then it is not just an app to upload photos of food and pets or to talk to people and view their photos. But, you can even get paid if you use certain tags for your Instagram pictures. Isn’t it great? Getting paid for just uploading pictures! Here, you can see why Instagram is also at the top of this article about best apps like LetGo.

Many people use this app to sell stuff very easily. All you need to do is click some attractive photos of the stuff you don’t need and want to sell, the use some famous and popular hashtags, write a small caption describing the product along with the amount you want to sell it for and soon you’ll be getting many people viewing your posts. If anyone wants to buy will dm you shortly.

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3. SocialSell

SocialSell app is another app that you can use to sell the items you no longer need and then earn some cash that might help you somewhere. Though the app does not have any kind of personal website, yet it works the best as an app via Android and iOS. You can chat privately with other members of the app.

SocialSell hosts a unique social service enabling its users to connect to the platform and shop for used items straight from their mobile phone. Sellers and potential buyers can easily connect at a whole new level using a user profile and ability to the instant message within the app.

Download SocialSell

4. OfferUp

OfferUp, the only app which has been touted as a great tech-savvy service of Craigslist. It is the largest marketplace at mobile for local sellers and buyers. You can sell almost everything you need whether its, cars, jewelry, electronics, furniture or anything. It really is a tech-savvy service.

You can post your listing within a minute as this app is very quick and is very convenient to use. It enables and ensures safety, as OfferUp allows its users to develop their reputation over their unique seller profile page. This means that every user always knows with whom they are dealing with. Transactions are handled in person.

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5. Vinted

Vinted app is another selling app where you can sell and swap many fashion stuff, like clothing, accessories, and shoes. It is the best app if you need to create some space in your closet. You just need to take good photos of the item you want to sell, state your price and add a short description of the stuff. It’s is this simple! This unique feature of “swapping” brings this app in the list of the best apps like Letgo.

Vinted offers flexible payment options such as PayPal and bank transfers and tracking capabilities for packages. All the payment are processed within the app.

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6. Wallapop

Wallapop is a new selling app which is a host for more than 1 million users. You can sell clothes, books, and other items to local people near you. It’s available in various cities like NYC and Los Angeles. It acts as a flea market and also a virtual garage sale.

The best thing about the app is that you do not need to pay a delivery charge. The app is completely free to use. Your exact address is always kept private and displays your location within a mile radius which keeps our location safer.

Download Wallapop

7. Shpock

Shpock is the best app if you are a lover of yard sales, vintage stores, flea markets and car boot sales. This app is a unique named app which means “SHop in your POCKet”. It offers users to sell all the items they don’t need such as clothes which are used, second hand and vintage to the people who are in your local area.

A listing can be posted in less than 30 seconds on the app Shpock just by taking a snap of the stuff, adding a title and a small description with your desired price tag. There is no fees or charge involved in the app and is thus entirely free.

Download Shpock

8. Trove

Trove is another selling app to sell used, second hand and vintage stuff. The app has also been featured in a huge number of media outlets namely World Report, US News, Apartment Therapy, Country Living and Houston Pulse Magazine. Trove can be used to make money from the items you no longer need whether its a bookcase or a coffee table.

Nonetheless, you can easily sell anything through the app by simply clicking a picture of the item, writing a tiny description and then stating your price for it. All the payments are processed by the app.

Download Trove

9. Swaptions

Swaptions is more of a fun platform than a regular selling app as it allows you to swap your items with people in your local area. Well, you can even sell your stuff along with swapping. Swaptions is the platform for those people who want to earn some bucks for things they don’t need or get some new items in return for their old ones.

The app has a handy rating system and is absolutely free to use. Also, you can privately hat within the app to the potential buyers.

Download Swaptions

10. Close5

Close5 is one of the simplest selling apps, in terms of putting stuff for sale. The process is done easily by some steps of taking pictures, using the in-app camera within the app. It offers you to communicate with buyers through the secure messaging service of the app. However, transactions are not conducted within the app. When you receive an offer from someone that wants to buy your stuff, you can then decide any place and a date to meet.

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Apps Like LetGo to Sell Stuff Locally

So that’s it guys. Here is the complete list of all apps like LetGo. You can use any of these apps to sell stuff locally.

You can literally sell any item from your house using these free apps.

  1. Carousell
  2. Instagram
  3. SocialSell
  4. OfferUp
  5. Vinted
  6. Wallapop
  7. Shpock
  8. Trove
  9. Swaptions
  10. Close5

This was the list of apps that can be very useful for you. These apps help you in criteria of selling your stuff no longer needed. But, all of these apps clearly behold different features and thus providing you variations to choose from. So, go ahead and pick the one you find easy for you.

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