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How to View, Save or Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Quality

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If you want to see someone’s Instagram profile picture, then here is the guide on How to see and save Instagram Profile Picture or DP on any device may it be PC, Laptop, Android Smartphone or an iPhone and to follow their complete account. Now, Instagram, as we all are aware of, is all about photos and videos of you. But you also know that to see and download Instagram profile picture/DP is not officially possible.

This social networking site because of some security issues like all others, does not provide with the download functionality of profile pictures. You cannot even click to preview anyone’s Instagram DP in full size using the app. There are many third party apps that let you see and download Instagram profile picture. But the question remains the same How to download full-size Instagram display picture or how to view Instagram profile picture in full size or how to save Instagram profile picture?

Why is Instagram Profile Picture private?

When you visit someone’s profile on Instagram to whom you do not follow, the profile picture is not accessible. This is disappointing for many as one cannot view the Instagram DP more than the just small circle on their profile page.

Well, other ways let you open the profile picture of any Instagram users. You can even save the photo that you wish to see. But some may even wonder that why the social networking sites like Facebook and now Instagram do not allow you to see and save Instagram DP even when it belongs to your friends. The probable reason of this may be due to security or privacy settings of the app avoiding downloading of Instagram profile picture by strangers.

Applying the tricks or some third party apps you can view the Instagram profile picture in the original size as uploaded. No matter if it is a public or private account using the various methods one can see and save Instagram DP in the size as uploaded by the user. You can see and save Instagram profile picture both using your iOS devices or Android phones.

So have a look at the tricks that allow you to zoom in and see an Instagram profile photo of other users.

 Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size Manually

This method does not involve the use of any third party apps or software. With this method, you can easily see and save Instagram DP of other users by copying and pasting the URL in the web browser. These steps can be easily followed both using the web browsers like Chrome or mobile app. This is the manual method to download the Instagram profile picture of the one you wish to see.

Step 1- Open Instagram on your web browser or tablet or mobile phones.

Step 2- Now it is not necessary to log in to Instagram account for viewing someone’s profile picture. But if you wish you can log in.

Step 3- Go to the Instagram profile of the other user. This can be done by directly navigating to the profile of the desired user.  Simply enter the username in the address bar as

Step 4- Click on the menu icon found on the Instagram profile of that individual. Click on the option Copy Profile URL.

Step 5- Now paste this URL in the address space of the web browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 6- In the next step, hold down or right click on the person’s Instagram profile/DP. Click on open in the new tab option.

Step 7- Now edit the URL copied in the address bar. You need to remove ‘s150x150′ from the URL in the address bar.

Note: In PC, you may not see ‘s150x150’, rather it may show ‘s320x320’. Just remove it and hit enter

Step 8- After it gets edited, hit enter. Now you will be able to see the profile picture of other in full size.

Step 9- Again hold down or right click on the profile image of the user for downloading or saving the profile image.

This is the successful method to get access to the other person’s Instagram profile photo which is very simple to follow. You may not find the steps compatible if you are using the app sometimes. So for this method to always work, try these steps on your Web Browser.

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 View and Save Instagram Profile Picture using Insta DP

There are many third party apps or tools like Instagram Downloader using which you can see and save Instagram Profile picture or DP of an individual. Once such app discussed here is Insta DP. So follow the steps to download the profile picture from Instagram.

Step 1- Go to the Insta DP tool.

Step 2- In the address bar field enter the Instagram user name. Make sure you enter the name of the user without @. This will let you view the full-size Instagram profile picture of that user.

Step 3- Click on the view DP option and the profile photo will appear on the screen.

Step 4- You are done. Now the Insta DP will open the profile photo of the desired user you wish to view. You can choose to open the profile photos in different resolutions.

Step 5- If you are following these steps using Chrome for PC then right click on the profile picture and choose an option “Save image as.”

For ones using the smartphone you can tap and hold on the desired profile picture and then click on “Download image.”

So this was all in the tutorial of how to see and save Instagram DP. These both methods give you access to the other’s Instagram profile images that otherwise appear ring size. But following these methods, you can view or download Instagram profile photos in full size and high resolution.

Well, to bring in your notice these methods should only be tried for some informative purpose because otherwise viewing anyone’s else profile picture is inaccurate. 

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