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Garageband for Windows PC: Download for Free

Searching for Garageband for Windows? Want to know how to download in on your Windows PC for free? This article is your solution for everything you want to know about Garageband.

If you guys have a little skew towards music, then you must try Garageband. One of the favorite music-making apps is Garageband but unfortunately, the app is developed by Apple Inc and therefore the Windows, and Android users got devoid of this fantastic app.

Though the app got originally designed for the Mac and iOS devices, I have got some methods to download Garageband for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. So get ready to walk into the world of musical instruments with Garageband. With this software, you can create your music, from your living room for free. Keep reading the article to know more about Garageband, how to download and install it.

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What is Garageband?

The music lovers are using Garageband all over the world to create their music or enhance the existing tracks. The Instrument players and the DJ would find it very useful as it comes with a lot of tools and equipment letting you experiment with the music, lyrics can create something of your own. GarageBand is a line of digital audio workstations for macOS and iOS devices that allows users to create music or podcasts. GarageBand is developed and sold by Apple for macOS

The Garageband’s official software was developed only for the Mac and iOS devices, but now with the help of emulators, you can make use of the great features of this app on your Windows device. The Windows Garageband comes with built-in equalizers, synthesizers. Before we move on to the methods section, let us have a look at some of its features.

Features of Garageband

In the previous section, I introduced you to Garageband. Now in this section, I am going to introduce you to some of the best features of the Garageband software. Note that all these features are of the official Garageband software for the macOS. These will be the same even for the Windows but may work slow due to the emulator speed. So let’s see what are the features of Garageband.

  • Garageband offers more than 1000 loops.
  • Create sound effect like the DJ beats by triggering the loops.
  • Garageband gives customizable options to add third party instruments.
  • Using Garageband you can even play a different instrument.
  • It allows you to play more than a particular musical instrument at a time and so with Garageband you can make one main track by combining 32 tracks together.
  • The audio capture and editing performance is excellent.
  • You are one click away to share your created music on social media.

I’m sure after reading these features, you have more than one reason to download Windows Garageband. So now let us move towards the methods by which you can download Garageband for PC.

How To Download Garageband for Windows PC

Many of you would be wondering how to download Garageband for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Don’t worry guys because you can now actually download Garageband for PC with the help of Emulators. With the help of emulators, you can download Garageband for your Windows system and start your composition. There are many emulators present on the internet, you can choose whatever you like the best.

In this article, I am going to show you steps to download Garageband on your Windows PC using three different emulators. Some of these emulators are android and some are of iOS. I shall also be using a different approach then emulators in the 4th method to install Mac-specific apps to Windows machines. Following are the emulators and software that I will be using while following this article:

So without wasting any more time, let’s directly jump on the first method to easily run the Garageband application on your Windows PC.

1. Download Garageband for Windows using Andy

One of the most favorite Android emulators for PC is Andy. It is available online, and after you download and Install Andy, you can get Garageband for your system. Using Andy emulator you can easily install Garageband on your Windows PC. Below are the steps to download and install Andy emulator on your PC and then installing the Garageband app on it.

Step 1: Visit the link and download the Andy emulator on your Windows device.

Step 2: Now open the emulator after its gets downloaded. Enter “Garageband” in the search bar.

andy emulator

Step 3: The results for Garageband will display. Click on the icon for Garageband for PC download.

Step 4: Now visit the home page of Andy, the Android emulator and click on Garageband icon to start your composition.

garageband on andy emulator

And that’s it. You have successfully installed and run Garageband application on your Windows PC using Andy Android emulator. If you don’t like working on Andy emulator, you can follow the next method to install Garageband on PC using other emulators.

2. Garageband for PC: Download using Bluestacks

Another popular and free to use Android emulator is Bluestacks that will help you to download all the iOS and Android apps on any Windows device. Bluetacks is one of the most popular emulators to run applications on Windows PC. This method to download Garageband is easy, but for that, you will have to follow the given steps carefully.

Step 1: Visit the following link to download Bluestacks and install it on your device. Get Bluestacks by clicking here.

Garageband for PC: Download using Bluestacks

Step 2: Now in the search bar of the downloaded Bluestacks emulator, type Garageband.

Step 3: Find the Garageband app from the displayed results and click on it to install. As you click on the Install option, the app will automatically get installed on your Windows device.

Step 4: After you install Garageband for Windows, open the Bluestacks player or app and then open the music app and enjoy Garageband on PC for free.

installing garageband using Bluestacks

And that’s it. You have successfully installed and run Garageband application on your Windows PC using Bluestacks Android emulator. If you don’t like working on this emulator too, you can follow the next method to install Garageband on PC using another emulator.

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3. Download Garageband using iPadian

Another emulator that you can use is not an Android emulator but an iOS emulator. It is available for free online and is gaining popularity lately. You can download it easily, and it is also safe and reliable. Follow the given steps to download iPadian and in turn download the Garageband software for Windows 7/8.1/10 using iOS emulators.

Download Garageband using iPadian

Step 1: First Download and install the iOS emulator- iPadian on your Windows PC or laptop. Download iPadian.

Step 2: Next install the file. The downloaded file will have a .exe extension.

Step 3: To complete the process of installation, click on the “Finish” option. Remember to hit the finish tab after all the files get downloaded.

Step 4: Now open the iPadian emulator. And then open the App Store.

ipadian emulator

Step 5: In the next step, type Garageband in the search box of the App Store. And hit the enter button.

Step 6: Now download and install Garageband on iPadian.

Step 7: As the Garageband download gets completed, you will observe the icon of Garageband on the home screen of iPadian.

garageband on ipadian emulator

And that’s it. You have successfully installed and run Garageband application on your Windows PC using iPadian iOS emulator. This is the end of all the methods to run the application with the help of emulators. The next method focuses more on a different kind of approach then emulators to install and run Garageband on your PC. So let’s see how to download and use the Rare software

4. Download Garageband using Rare Software

Apart from the iOS and Android emulators, you can also take help of some different downloaders like Rare Software. It helps you in downloading and installing the iOS and Mac-specific apps on a Windows device. Though Windows introduced some alternatives to Garageband like Mixcraft, it is not even close to the Garageband app with its excellent features.

Follow the given steps to download the Garageband software for Windows 7/8.1/10 using the Rare software.

Step 1: Visit the website for Rare Software. Click on the link to download.

Download Garageband using Rare Software

Step 2: You will observe a green download button at the center of the page. Click on it.

Step 3: In the next step, run the Downloader on your Windows computer.

Step 4: Now you will have to select the folder where you want to save the app. Or you can even go with the default setting.

Step 5: Wait till the software install the app and then download it on Windows. The app will take about 20 minutes or so for installation on your Windows computer or laptop.

And that’s it. You have successfully installed and run Garageband application on your Windows PC using Rare software. This method ends all the methods to run the Garageband application on your Windows PC.

Alternatives to Garageband for PC

As mentioned above if you find it hard to download and install the emulators for your Windows Garageband download then you can recourse the app with different apps. Try the apps like Mixcraft and Audiotool on your Windows device. After using this app, you will get to know the greatness of the Garageband app. But it’s okay if you don’t get the trick as both these apps have similar interface and features to mix different tracks and compose the main track.

Common and the Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows are:

  • LMMS (free)
  • Reaper ($60 with free trial)
  • Stagelight ($9.99 with free trial)
  • Mixcraft 7 ($89.95 with free trial)
  • FL Studio ($99 with free trial)
  • Music Maker Jam (free with in-app-purchases)

With the help of the following methods, you can download Garageband for PC free. Garageband is a fantastic app for all the people who aspire to achieve something in the field of music. There are no separate methods for Garageband for windows download 7/8.1/10 as with the help of emulators and downloading software you can download Garageband for PC free on any Windows version.

So, with this, you come to the end of this article. I hope you have properly followed the same steps on your computer. If you are having any difficulty or queries or doubts regarding any of the methods mentioned above. Feel free to mention them in the Comments Section below. I’ll be more than happy to help you with it. I hope now you don’t have to search anymore ‘How to download Garageband for Windows’ on the Internet anymore.

General FAQs

Why Isn’t Garageband Available in Window’s App Store?

Garageband was designed by Apple to use with iOS devices. However, there are several ways to get this program on your Windows OS.

Is it Easy to Install Garageband for Windows?

Downloading Garageband on your PC or Windows laptop is easy. There are a few simple steps, and the program runs well once it is operational.

Are There a Lot of Ways to Get this App?

There are several methods to acquiring Garageband on your PC or laptop. However, some require downloading other applications first.

Will Garageband Run Well with Windows?

Garageband runs exceedingly well on your Windows computer. Once the download is successful you’ll be on your way to making amazing music!

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