7 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

Sometimes the apps that we download for our work and entertainment eats up a lot of our battery. And so when we are in the middle of an important task, our phone battery dies. And so to avoid such cases, some Android battery saver apps help you with this battery issue of all time. Most of the time the apps running in the background suck up your battery. And so for those days where you need to use the phone’s battery a little more, we bring you the list of best battery saving apps. These latest battery saver apps for Android get highly recommended as it enhances your phone’s performance and extends its lifespan. So this article illuminates the seven best Android battery saver apps for your smartphone.

Best Battery Saving Apps for Android

You can find a whole range of battery saving apps 20188 on Google Play Store, but it is always better to go with the best Android saving app for your smartphone. As we all know that battery usage is an old issue for the Android users, these latest battery saver apps for Android will be of great help to overcome it and enhance your Android experience.


An App is the best battery saver app for Android only when it detects that defaulter app which is sucking up your phone’s battery. The rooted and unrooted users, both can use the Greenify app. It is among the best battery saving apps for Android as it gives the complete information about the app causing the wreck.

The app tells you about the applications that wake up your smartphone, how often they wake it up and the time they spend once the process initiated. Also, it shuts down the apps that are not in use and are degrading the performance of the device. The Greenify app is available for free.

Features of Greenify Android Battery Saver App-

  • Featherweight app regarding RAM and CPU usage.
  • In non-rooted devices feature of auto-hibernation.
  • It preserves the full functionality of other apps.

You can download Greenify from the given link.


DU Battery Saver

What if an app told you how much time you have got to browse the Internet, or work on your phone? The next latest battery saver app in our list is DU Battery Saver. By killing the background apps draining your phone’s battery. The DU Battery Saver app has become one of the popular battery saver app 2018 for Android. With more than 10 million users you can boost the battery life of your device with even the free version of DU Battery Saver.

Features of DU Battery Saver-

  • Better battery optimization systems.
  • Convenient design and interface
  • Smart pre-set modes which disable the features and closes the apps causing battery issue.

Download this fantastic Android battery saver app now.


Juice Defender

The next on our list of best Android battery saving apps are for the non-techy users. The Juice Defender app is known for its non-manual operation. The app automatically optimizes the battery life of your Android device and even manages the features like Wi-Fi, mobile data, the brightness which drains the power. These actions give the impression of juicing up your device again. With its five modes like the general power saving mode, normal mode, super power saving mode, customize the power saving of your device with the latest battery saver apps for Android.

Features of Juice Defender-

  • It is entirely customizable.
  • Its layout is intuitive.
  • It manages power either according to the preset profile or the user’s preference.

Download the Juice Defender app.


Avast Battery Saver

We all are aware of the Avast brand, and so a battery saving app coming from this producer deserves a place in the list of 7 best Android battery saver apps. The Avast Battery Saver app enhances the battery life of your phone for free. With this one of the best battery saver apps for Android, it feels that your battery lasts forever. The app is known for its high-profile performance and even support the latest operating system version of Android.

Features of Avast Battery Saver-

  • It features emergency power mode.
  • Allows you to monitor the power consumption.
  • Direct disabling of the app from the widget.
  • Reliable and efficient.

Download from here.


Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the best battery saving apps, and you will find it in almost every other article. With Battery Doctor on your Android device, you are just a tap away from optimizing the battery power of your phone. It is a complete package consisting of all the features offered by the apps mentioned above. The app changes the settings automatically, provides the sources draining the battery and even estimates the time of battery backup. You also get perks like task killer, power saving mode and brightness control for a better and productive battery life.

Features of Battery Doctor-

  • It has three charge cycles to boost the battery life.
  • Battery Doctor app enhances the speed and efficiency of your device.
  • The app supports both hardware and software information.

Download the Battery Doctor, one of the Android battery saver apps from this link.


Battery Defender

The next on our list is known for some typical features. The Battery Defender app is famous for its Quiet Sleeping feature. According to this feature, you need to let the app know you are sleeping. The Battery Defender app then starts defending your battery life by automatically disabling the Wi-Fi and other network connections.

Features of Battery Defender-

  • It offers exciting but integral features.
  • Enhances battery life by allowing the device to sync in every 15 minutes.
  • Appreciative low battery policy that disables the network connections when the device is not in use.

You can download the Battery Defender app from here.



If you like exercising control over all things, then this last battery saver app for Android is made for you. Though Amplify is available for root only applications, you can save your battery life by putting a stop to all the activities like alarms, control apps and other services that are draining. It is available for the Android users for free. You can download it from Google Play Store or the link provided below. The material design of Amplify is easy to use making it one of the best battery saver apps for Android.

Features of the app Amplify-

  • Easy to use.
  • A Material Design-inspired app, beautifully designed
  • Additional features get added with the pro version.
  • Some real pressure on the alarm clocks.

Get the Amplify app on your Android device by clicking on the app.

The draining battery is a common issue that people face. And since we like to be on our smartphones 24×7, we need one of the best Android battery saving app for our phone’s battery to run longer. And so we hope that with these 7 best Android Battery Saver Apps 2018 you will enjoy a longer battery life. It is effortless to download these latest battery saver apps for Android and protect your low battery.

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