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What Components and Peripherals Do You Need for Improving Gaming Experience

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The gaming industry does not stand still and not only keeps up with technical and optional progress, but also pushes its development, which creates new ideas and solutions in the gaming device market, as well as an increase in basic power, which must be taken into account when purchasing and before the release of a new one project to play in the most comfortable conditions.

Let’s look at devices and components that will significantly improve your gaming experience, no matter whether you are playing through The Witcher or doing ff14 boosting service.

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SSD Disk

The technology is no longer new, but installing a disk that can speed up the startup of your system and the speed of loading levels and loading games will significantly enhance your gaming capabilities.

The SSD can be external or installed directly into the motherboard.

The difference lies in the cost of such a device and the overall speed that will be provided.

Of course, the faster format would be direct installation into the motherboard, or rather a simple connection of a small device.

This format will significantly improve your experience, primarily in online games, where speed and information are important and an SSD drive will give you it. Enemies and the game map will load faster, which will give you more time to analyze the situation.

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First of all, when you want to upgrade and improve your PC, after the SSD drive, take care of the RAM.

These are the conditional hands of the PC, which determine the speed of execution of those commands that come from the processor. Modern browsers have become more demanding and to ensure comfortable gaming, not to mention a bunch of tabs and even watching or listening to videos, you need a lot of RAM.

The time has passed when 4 GB was enough for comfortable work and games, and now time is running out for 8 GB of RAM.

Now you need at least 16, and preferably 32, or even 64 GB of RAM.

First, look at how many dies you can install in your computer and then choose the amount of RAM.

It is better to install several boards to obtain a certain figure than one of the same ones.

Example – two 8 GB boards will give more growth than one 16 GB board, since the threads are distributed.

Try not to install outdated formats and start with RAM, because this is one of the cheapest and most noticeable upgrades for your PC system.


Video Card

This is an expensive improvement, but you’re gaming and the beauty of the picture in principle depend on the quality of the video adapter.

With the release of updated and top-end 4000 series video cards, the price of previous formats has dropped slightly, making them more accessible and desirable for selection and installation in the system.

For example, the 3000 series – it will be relevant for several more years, and it costs much less than even a year ago.

Choose the TI format, which, although more expensive, provides many interesting features, such as ray tracing, or automatic content completion to increase the quality and quantity of FPS in heavy games.

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CPU for Improving Gaming Experience

The speed of data processing, primarily gaming, depends on the processor.

You need a modern and up-to-date processor that can handle the load of games. It is better to choose from the current 14th generation series.

AMD or Intel no longer matter much – gone are the days when one of the giants had a special advantage.

The main thing is to choose a processor class – For example, i7, or a similar Ryzen is perfect for games if it is of the latest generation, otherwise you may come across tests in which a weaker processor of the new generation outperforms a stronger one due to obsolescence.

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Game Mouse

When you are done with the main components of the components, you can move on to devices and peripherals.

The gaming mouse is, without exaggeration, the most multipurpose of them.

New formats of such mice have additional buttons that can be customized, a macro system, and a smart DPI system that automatically determines the required sensitivity.

Additional buttons will help you more comfortably use the pair of most frequently used keys on the keyboard using the mouse.

Smart DPI will help achieve more accurate accuracy, especially in shooters.

How it works – with a regular mouse, you adjust the overall sensitivity of the cursor and essentially just get used to it in all usage scenarios.

In the smart DPI system, there is no such setting and the mouse itself reacts to the degree of your hand movement in order to adjust the correct sensitivity and simplify your gameplay. This mechanic is needed primarily in shooters, where it is extremely important to aim at the target quickly, accurately, but smoothly so that there are no jumps.

The last bonus can be called RGB coloring, but this is an optional condition, because not all gamers need or like it.

However, it is able to create its own special atmosphere in the room during gaming sessions.

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Good sound can significantly change the degree of perception of any game project, especially one in which the developers themselves have laid out clear sound and correct positioning.

Modern headphones with 7.1 sound technology will help you improve your sound.

This is a format in which the software distributes sound into 7 virtual sources, which help to achieve correct positioning, and you can clearly hear where the enemy is and what he is doing.

In ordinary, non-competitive games, such sound will greatly complement the gaming atmosphere, since you will hear a large number of NPCs and other sounds with the correct staging and clarity.

These headphones come with real or virtual sound can really help for improving gaming experience. 

Real sound – this is a headset from Sony, Marshall and other peripheral manufacturers with professionally calibrated sound. Such a device is expensive and not everyone needs it, or at least not at the first stage, to spend so much money.

Virtual sound – where sound is created at the software level, which significantly reduces their cost and is not so noticeably different from real sound. Of course, there is a difference, but it’s better that you upgrade later to better sound than build yourself an overly expensive setup.

You can find such headphones from manufacturers Logitech, Hyper X, Riser and other well-known companies that deal with affordable gaming equipment. Most of them are presented at eSports tournaments, and their advertisements can often be seen on Twitch.

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Upgrade your gaming monitor to enjoy games comfortably and see smooth, smooth images.

A monitor with an IPS matrix and a Hertz voltage of at least 120 and no more than 165 will help you with this.

If you choose less, the picture will lose its smoothness, which is especially noticeable in shooters, and if you select more than 165, you will not notice the difference due to the limitations of the human eye.

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