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The Future of Television: Predictions and Emerging Trends

What’s the future of television? Streaming and on-demand content of course! Traditional cable TV and satellite are continuing to be replaced and heavily supplemented year after year. Let’s take a deep dive into what that could look like in our near future.

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Traditional TV Subscribership Will Continue To Decline

It’s time to face the facts. We just can’t see traditional TV reinventing itself enough to turnaround their plummeting subscriber numbers. Traditional TV simply costs too much for the average American to keep paying for when most only watch a handful of channels passively. Although it’s largely perceived that the growth in streaming subscribers will start to even out, its value cannot be matched.

The Month Cost Of Traditional TV Will Rise

The price of everything is going up, but the few things we can count on to always increase and never decrease are taxes and cable TV bills. Does anyone remember $19.99 a month DISH Network TV or $19.99 a month Time Warner Cable TV used to have?

They’re long gone and never coming back. We predict that it’ll become the norm for cable and satellite TV service to be in the three figure amounts.

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Premium Add-On Channels Will Have Their Own Streaming Services

Did you know that premium movie channels like Showtime and STARZ have their own streaming services? A lot of people don’t and those that do assume it’s far too expensive, but they’re not and are filled to the brim of original content.

So why is everyone sleeping on them? P-Valley, Raising Kanan and The Chi are phenomenal shows that can only be found on what was known as premium movie channels. They’re worth getting into and we predict that they’ll be shown more love in the next few years.



Smaller Streaming Services Will Die Or Get Acquired

This is just a prediction, but some smaller streaming services like Paramount+ for example, don’t seem to be doing so well. We tried to cancel after our very deeply discounted service and they gave us two more months for free. No streaming service does that. We’ll just have to watch to see how long they survive.

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Original Programming Will Stay Steady

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have produced some of the best TV shows and movies we’ve seen in a very long time. TV shows like Orange Is The New Black, Handmaid’s Tale, The Bear and Ozark had us holding onto our seats in suspense. Who hasn’t subscribed to a specific streaming service to watch content that’s exclusive to their service?

Let’s not sleep on their in house movies and comedy specials either. They’ve been some of the best around too. Comedians like Dave Chappelle have come back strong due to streaming subscribership. But is the future of television based solely on single series or specials? Probably not. 

Streaming Service Will Pair With Cellular Service

This is already happening and we predict it’ll continue. In fact, we’ll predict it’ll become more widespread than it is today with more streaming services because it truly is a fantastic thing. Today, Verizon Wireless bundles Netflix and Max into their plans, T-Mobile includes Netflix and Sprint (when they still were around) did it with Hulu. It’s a meaningful perk that attracts and retains subscribers.

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Streaming Free Trials Will Go Away

If you’re a die-hard streamer, you already know that finding free trials is extraordinarily difficult. The stars and the moon have to align in just the right way to get a free trial. That free month trial of Netflix and free 7 day trial of Sling are a thing of the past that’ll unlikely be resurrected.

Sometimes you can get a 3 day trial of Sling and Paramount+ will offer two free months when you try to cancel, but we expect the free to fade into the past.

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